Is your Mac Capable of Running macOS Big Sur?

macOS Big Sur has been on everyone’s lips since its public reveal. However, this might lead Mac users to the question: “Will my Mac support the newest Mac operating system?”. Read on to know if your Mac is capable of running macOS Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur was first revealed at Apple’s annual WWDC in June. It is the seventeenth and next major release of macOS. And, Apple is expected to announce the release date for macOS Big Sur at its November event.

Which Macs are Compatible with macOS Big Sur?

According to Apple, macOS Big Sur has a refined new design and probably the biggest Safari update ever. Also, it includes a lot of new features and enhancements to the operating system like Widgets and Control Center.

Users with compatible Mac models will be able to start downloading macOS Big Sur beta right now and it’s totally free. So, will you be able to run this macOS on your Mac?

Apple has already had an official answer to this. So, here is the list of compatible devices:

  • MacBook: 2015 and later 
  • Mac Mini: 2014 or newer
  • Mac Pro: 2013 or newer
  • iMac: 2014 or later
  • iMac Pro: 2017 and later
  • MacBook Air: 2013 and later
  • MacBook Pro: late 2013 and newer

The Big Sur is NOT available on all older Macs so make sure you have a supported device before downloading the update.

How to Identify your Mac Model

In case you don’t remember what model you are using right now, follow these steps to identify your Mac:

  1. Click on Apple menu on the upper-left corner of your screen.
  2. Next, open About This Mac.
  3. Click the Overview. Then, you should be able to see information about your Mac model.

How to Download macOS Big Sur Beta

Now, you probably know if you can use macOS Big Sur on your current Mac or not. It’s time to give it a try by installing the beta version now. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe and not going to slow your Mac!

Follow these steps to download the macOS public beta:

  1. First, backup your Mac. We recommend doing this process every time you update to a new OS version in order to avoid losing data.
  2. On your Mac, open a browser and go to
  3. Sign in to your Apple ID 
  4. Next, select macOS Big Sur on the list.
  5. Click on Enroll your Mac in the Getting Started section.
  6. On the next page, click “Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility“.
  7. Open the downloaded file and follow the prompts.
  8. After the utility is installed, check for a software update using your update tool in System Preferences.
  9. Then, follow the prompts to download and install the new macOS. 
  10. Finally, restart your computer.

Now, your Mac is ready to run on the Big Sur public beta!

We hope your device is compatible with this new macOS. If you’re running the Big Sur beta, let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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