Apple’s WWDC 2018: All rumors and reports

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is one of the biggest tech events in the world. There are a lot of new things we are expecting to see at this year’s WWDC event, ranging from a new Mac to an affordable iPhone. Last year, Apple announced HomePod, the company’s first smart speaker, iOS 11, and new iMac Pro.

Apple hardly announces hardware products at its annual WWDC, but we are expecting to see the unveiling of the cheaper option of HomePod and the SE 2. Rumors and leaks have been out there for months, giving us a preview of what’s coming at this year’s event. However, rumors are just rumors. We all need to wait for official announcements from Apple this year.

In the section below, we have gathered all rumors regarding Apple’s WWDC event this year. Apple’s WWDC event will take place on June 4 and run through June 6 in San Jose, California.

  1. iOS 12

iOS 12 is the most anticipated software update at this year’s event. At WWDC 2017, the company announced iOS 11, with a lot of new things and system improvements. iOS 11 has been through a number of major updates to offer a better user experience. However, iOS 11 still lacks some exciting features ranging from notifications grouping to multi-screen support.

This year, iOS 12 is rumored to come with a lot of things we have been dying for since the days of iOS 10. This includes a redesigned Home screen for iPhone and iPad, a revamped Photos app, more Animoji, better FaceTime and many more.

Besides, iOS 12 will also come with more ARKit features for iPhone X and this year’s iPhone X Plus. Last year, Apple first debuted AR technology on its iPhone models, but there is still something missing. Sources say that Apple has been working on VR features for years. The company has been in talks with third-party developers to add VR functionality to iPhone models.

According to reports, Apple’s personal assistant, Siri will get a huge improvement in iOS 12. In reality, Apple Siri is getting better and smarter every year, allowing users to handle more complicated tasks. Rumors say that Apple will integrate its virtual helper into the Search view, allowing for a better search engine.

  1. ‘Marzipan’

Starting with iOS 10, Apple finally opened some aspects of its operating system to third-party apps and services. Apple iOS is still restrictive, but things are going to change this year. Sources say that Apple has been working on a project codenamed “Marzipan” for a long time. Basically, the project would let developers write apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

However, tech experts say that Apple needs more time to make sure everything runs smoothly. So, the company will push the release date to 2019.

  1. Apple Siri

Siri is one of the best virtual helpers on the market. First introduced alongside iPhone 4s, Siri quickly gained its popularity among users and tech experts. Siri has become the standard feature on all Apple devices.

In iOS 12, Apple Siri might get a huge improvement and new features. Apple secretly confirms that Siri will get a brand new voice in iOS 12, better integration with third-party apps, and improved voice recognition.

Apple Siri is falling behind Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in terms of smart speaker support. Apple’s virtual helper is a little limited on the HomePod. Siri in iOS 12 is rumored to include deeper integration with HomePod, offering users more options to control their smart speaker.

  1. macOS 10.14

macOS High Sierra is not a big upgrade over the operating system. Apple is still adding new features to macOS High Sierra, but we are expecting more from Apple. The upcoming macOS 10.14 will include a lot of exciting features we have been craving for, including an official dark mode, and an iOS 11-like Mac App Store.

Sources say that macOS 10.14 will get a lot of iOS-exclusive apps at launch. Other rumors changes include a much-improved Siri, all-new iTunes, Face ID unlocking, and Group FaceTime calls.

  1. WatchOS 5

Apple Watch is one of the most desired smartwatches on the market. Reports say that Apple Watch with LTE connectivity now dominates the market, with millions of units shipped in Q1/2018.

WatchOS 4 includes a lot of features including new watch faces, redesigned Apple Music, deeper support for third-party apps, and person-to-person Apple Pay. Rumors say that watchOS 5 will make its debut at this year’s WWDC, with a ton of changes and skills.

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