iPhone 12 Won’t Come with Headphones and Power Adapters. Here’s Why

As usual, Apple really knows how to get a lot of attention after their event. However, besides the launch of iPhone 12, this time Apple shocked us by announcing that they will no longer include headphones and power adapters in the iPhone’s box.

The new iPhone 12 lineup has received a lot of positive comments from users. While iPhone 12 and Pro will be available for preorder on October 16, the Mini and Pro Max preorders will not be ready until November 6. But, you may be wondering why Apple removes headphones and power adapter from iPhone 12 boxes. Here’s why.

Why does Apple Remove Adapters and Headphones from iPhone 12 Boxes?

At its iPhone event, Apple confirmed that they remove headphones and adapters from iPhone 12 boxes to lessen iPhone packaging and reduce carbon emissions. Plus, it also helps them cut back on the mining and use of materials.

In addition, Apple also mentioned that customers already have over 700 million lightning headphones. And, many have switched to a wireless AirPods and other wireless headphones. On the one hand, there are also over 2 billion Apple power adapters in the world. That’s not counting the billions of third party adapters.

“It’s like removing 450,000 cars from the road per year,” Apple said. By 2030, Apple plans to have a net-zero climate impact across its entire business. That includes manufacturing, shipping, and retail.

What Do People Think About This Decision?

Basically, this means users have to buy a new charger for their new iPhone 12, which is around $20-$40 if they purchase the new iPhones.


This reminds us of last year when customers had to pay $999 to buy their monitor stand separately. In 2019, Apple made a controversial decision by selling their new monitor without a stand. Similarly, this year, Apple has decided to ship its iPhone 12 lineup without headphones and adapters.

Thankfully, there is still a standard lightning cable in the box. Well, at least you can still replace your old cable. To be honest, you might also need an extra dongle.

Yes, we do like the idea of protecting the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. However, that didn’t stop people from falling foul on Twitter. They even mocked Apple’s decision to remove the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack back in 2016. Also, there are several posts joking that the iPhone 13 won’t have a phone in the box.

Apple said that its decision allows for smaller iPhone packaging and more iPhone boxes to be shipped on a pallet.

What do you think about the Apple’s decision to remove headphones and power adapters from iPhone 12 boxes? Let us know in the comments!

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