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Each week we will be reviewing one of our favorite games from Apple Arcade. There’s a lot to choose from and this week we shall be reviewing Where Cards Fall. Where Cards Fall is a unique puzzle solving platformer game that is one of Apple Arcade’s flagship games on the release. But is it one of the better games on Apple Arcade? Let’s take a look.

The Good

The game spans across 52 levels gradually getting harder as the game progresses introducing new mechanics along the way. It took me a couple of weeks to complete this game as some of the puzzles were incredibly challenging. But fear not, if puzzle solving is something that you’re not used to, there’s a hint button which doesn’t directly solve the puzzle for you but shows you what needs to be done.

The game follows the main character throughout their life and all the challenges life throws at us along the way. Between each puzzle we get to see a glimpse of a part of their life which sometimes can feel relatable. The game developers also decided to make the character non-binary which, when you think about it, isn’t massively important to know the gender.

The Bad

Sadly, this review is not a positive one. There are a lot of parts that are great, I love the idea of these puzzles and enjoyed solving them at the beginning. The only problem is that after each puzzle, there’s a cutscene that is very slow and, to be honest, a little dull. The issue is that early on, the puzzles are easy to solve, therefore it works out about 30 seconds to complete a puzzle, then 1 minute of a boring cutscene.

Where Cards Fall ends up feeling quite tedious and it made me just not care about the story anymore. The cutscenes are just a small part of this person’s life, but it is such an abstract scene each time that it never really amounts to anything important. There’s no drama, no tension, no true emotion. Sadly for me, I had no drive to keep playing this game. I only finished it out of respect for the developers before I wrote this review. Even near the end, I was anticipating a scene that would give a clever twist. But sadly, it never came. Disappointing.

The Ugly

On top of those things, there are some issues with the actual gameplay. Sometimes it’s tough to move the cards around or to make them the correct size. I was playing this game on an iPad, I couldn’t imagine being able to play it on an iPhone! Sometimes when trying to make a house larger, the game would register as a tap on the screen, resulting in the character jumping off of the building that I’d made, resulting in a loss of progress and having to start again. This was a major put off for me. I’d often give up on a level because of this. I just felt like I was gaining nothing from this game and it felt like a waste of time. Incredibly harsh, but sadly true, especially with it’s anticlimactic ending.

The Verdict

For fans of casual gaming, I would say this is the one for you. Simple puzzles, you can play them at leisure and not worry too much about any story. If you’re a person who loves a good story. Sadly this isn’t for you. It’s a shame as it was hyped so much, but then it just felt like it didn’t meet any of my expectations.

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