Apple 2019 preview: Everything we are expecting to see

Apple had a hard time in 2018 as the company’s iPhone lineup saw a slow sales performance. Besides, the Cupertino firm had to deal with iPhone sales ban in China after a patent dispute. Specifically, Qualcomm has been in the legal battle with Apple over patent rights. In reality, the American chipmaker said that Apple had violated many of its patents and given its intellectual property to Intel, Qualcomm’s main rival. Apple is now relying on Intel for modem chips used for its iPhones following the dispute. Last month, a German court ordered a ban on iPhone sales in the country, but Apple fought iPhone ban by pulling iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 from its store shelves. However, the iPhone XS and XS Max are still available in Germany.

2019 is finally here, meaning that it’s time for Apple to boost its iPhone sales worldwide. We are expecting to see the unveiling of Apple’s new products. Apple recently confirmed that a refreshed Mac is on the way this year, but it remains unknown when we are seeing it. Apart from iPhones and iPads, Apple is expected to release a cheaper HomePod or new MacBook Pro at its September event.

In this article, we made a list of the best Apple products we are expecting to see this year. For some background, the 2018 iPhone lineup is now available worldwide, but it does not come cheap as it starts at $749. Meanwhile, the maxed-out iPhone XS Max now retails for $1500, making it the most expensive iPhone ever made.

  1. New AirPods and HomePod

In 2016, Apple officially ditched the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of the lightning port. The Cupertino firm also unveiled a new pair of AirPods wireless headphones at the event. Basically, AirPods look identical to the original earbuds, but they have no wires. One of the biggest changes coming to AirPods lies in Siri support. Indeed, you can control your music playback using your voice commands. Besides, Apple’s wireless headphones feature a physical user interface and iCloud sync. AirPods turn 3 years old this year, but there is no mention of an upgrade.

According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, an analyst who is best known for his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple’s new products, Apple will launch the second generation AirPods with wireless charging and water-resistance. Sources claim that the 2nd generation AirPods will be smaller than their predecessors and support noise cancellation at launch. In reality, this is something that has been demanded since their release.

Back in November, rumors claimed that Apple would announce a cheaper HomePod in 2019. In reality, the HomePod is Apple’s first smart speaker that made its debut in 2017. The smart speaker received mostly positive reviews, with praise directed at its design. However, it still lacks a few important features. We have heard a lot of speculation that the cheaper HomePod will target mainly emerging markets. However, Apple will remove premium features to keep the price in check. That seems plausible seeing how Apple removed 3D Touch overlay in the XR’s display.

  1. TV services

Apple has its own TV offerings on the market. In reality, Apple TV is a digital media box that supports popular TV services out there like Netflix, DirectTV, HBO Now, and Now TV. Sources say that the Cupertino firm will mark its first steps in the TV business in 2019. Indeed, the Cupertino firm will announce a digital video service that offers Apple’s original content and TV shows from other companies.

Tech experts say that Apple has been in talks with providers to bring 4K content to its Apple TV. Sources say that Apple will unveil the next generation Apple TV at its WWDC event. Besides, there will be a brand new TV series coming to the Apple TV later this year. The new Apple TV will feature a better Siri integration and an improved design. Netflix now dominates the TV business with more than 50 percent market share. Indeed, Netflix is now available in most parts of the world and offers multiple subscriptions.

What sets Netflix apart from its opponents lies in its original TV series and shows. Reports say that Netflix is investing billions of dollars in its own shows while expanding its movie library. The release of Apple’s new TV-streaming service will put it in contention with Netflix. If this is the case, there is a good chance that Netflix will drop support for Apple TV.

  1. New iPhones

In September 2018, Apple unveiled three new iPhones following relentless rumors and leaks. Basically, the 2018 iPhone lineup may fail some Apple fanatics out there as it comes with small refinements. 2019 is here and we are expecting to see something special from Apple. Rumors regarding the 2019 iPhones are heating up, hinting at the impressive features coming to Apple’s new flagship smartphones. One such feature is an in-display fingerprint scanner. In reality, Apple was previously rumored to integrate the feature into its iPhone XS and XS Max, but it was nowhere to be found.

According to reports, Apple will hold an event in September where it will announce new iPhones and a number of hardware products. We are expecting to see the unveiling of the Apple Watch 5 and new iPad Pro models at the event.

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