WatchOS 6 preview: Smarter Siri, built-in sleep tracker, and better Workout app

WatchOS is an advanced wearable operating system that powers hundreds of millions of Apple Watch units out there. Apple has been improving WatchOS since its initial release, making it smarter and more useful. Apple releases new WatchOS update every year and we are now so close to WatchOS 6 this year.

Rumors about the next-generation WatchOS have been out there for months, hinting at the impressive features coming to WatchOS 6. With that in mind, we have rounded up everything we want to see in WatchOS 6.

First, release date

WatchOS 6 is expected to take the center stage at this year’s WWDC event. Apple officially confirmed that it will host its annual WWDC on June 3 in San Jose, California. Apple also sent out its invites for its upcoming event. Apart from WatchOS 6, Apple will release new updates to its iOS, tvOS, and macOS at the keynote.

We also have heard that Apple will announce a cheaper HomePod at this year’s event. In reality, Apple hardly releases new hardware at its WWDC, but we are expecting something new in June.

Custom watch faces

One of the coolest things of the Apple Watch lies in its custom watch faces. However, the fact that you cannot customize your watch faces in your own style, as you are stuck with what Apple provides. This seems plausible as Apple wants to avoid issues with trademarks.

Sources say that WatchOS 6 will offer more flexibility and customization when compared to the current WatchOS 5. There are rumors that Apple has been working on new tools that will allow developers to integrate their apps into Apple Watch faces. However, there are still some restrictions imposed on how you customize your watch face.

With the release of Apple Watch Series 4, Apple redesigned its watch face with new complications. Indeed, you can add your loved ones to your watch face, so you can quickly connect with them. Or, if you travel frequently, you can customize your watch face to track different time zones.

Smarter Siri

Siri has been part of Apple Watch for years, allowing you to control things like music playback, phone calls, or text messages. Siri gets new improvements every year, but they are not massive. Indeed, we ran some Siri speed tests on Series 3 and Series 4 and there was not a huge difference between the two.

Personally, there are times when Siri fails to speak to me or it is too slow to respond even on my Apple Watch Series 4, which is a little bit surprising. It remains unknown what Siri will include in WatchOS 6, but we are expecting a speed boost this year.

Sleep tracking

One of the biggest problems I have with my Apple Watch lies in the lack of a built-in sleep tracker. In reality, sleep tracking is not something new as it has been available on competing products like Samsung Gears lineup and Fitbit-branded wearables for years.

In reality, I now rely on AutoSleep for my sleep tracker, but it sometimes fails to respond to my commands. So, it’s a wise move if WatchOS 6 includes built-in sleep tracking functionality. Basically, sleep tracker allows you to get a detailed picture of your sleep.

Workout app and custom sounds

With the release of Apple Watch Series 4, Apple puts a huge focus on workout and health features. Personally, workout app is one of the most used apps on my Watch while running or exercising.

However, one major drawback is that Apple Workout app still relies on third-party apps like Nike Run Club to detect personal records for runs.  In reality, the Workout app got an improvement in WatchOS 5 with automatic workout start and stop reminders. So, we are expecting to see something special when it comes to workouts.

On an iPhone, you can change the sounds for all alerts or set your personalized ringtones for phone calls. On an Apple Watch, you are stuck with what Apple provides. I’d love to see Apple add a list of custom sounds to its WatchOS 6. To be honest, it’s great to set your favorite tracks for your watch’s notifications.

The Verdict

WatchOS 6 is expected to take the Apple Watch to a whole new level. The release of WatchOS 6 paves the way for the next-generation Apple Watch, which is set for September release.

Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on WatchOS 6 in the comments below.

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