The Apple Watch is becoming more independant thanks to WatchOS 6. Now featuring an App store, upgraded Siri features and new watch faces. Apple are planning to make you fall in love with your Apple Watch all over again.

New Watch Faces

With the new OS comes some new looks as well! Apple Watch now has a number of new watch faces that are fully customizable to suit your style. The watch faces look really great when they’re full screen, but it’s also possible to customize it so that you can have quick access to your favorite apps and now with the new OS, we’re getting a lot more apps!

Watch Faces

All New Apps

WatchOS 6 comes with a ton of new apps as well as it’s own independant App Store. Three of the most awaited new apps are the Calculator, Voice Memos and the newly redesigned Reminders app. All these apps are automatically included with the new update. The new App Store runs very quickly and smoothly. Which is nice, however, inputting your password is a bit of a pain depending on your preferred security settings. For me, this means I need to depend on my iPhone if I want to download something. Having said that, I’m looking forward to browsing through the new App Store to see what gems I can find!

App Store

New Siri Features

Siri has been greatly enhanced too, making Siri a much more useful tool on your wrist. If you’ve already read our guide on how to maximize the potential of Siri, you’ll already know how the newly redesigned Reminders app will benefit you. There’s also a new command “hey Siri, what am I listening to?” Siri and Shazam have teamed up to help you find out what that catchy song is in the background. You’re also now able to search for topics and scroll through relevant webpages for that topic straight from your wrist with the help of Siri. Just ask Siri any question and she’ll show you the results.


New Activity Trends

We can’t talk about the Apple Watch without talking about it’s Health and Fitness features. As predicted, we got some new features towards fitness with a new activity trend tracker. This new feature involves activity rings which will monitor everything in the photo below. It will also capture even more, including your walking pace, flights climbed, etc. It also shows whether any metric is headed up or down over time, so you know whether you’re on track for your targets or not.

Activity Trends

Cycle Tracking

One of the newest features is a cycle tracking feature for women. This will keep you in the know about when your next cycle should be coming and also help provide a clearer picture of your overall health. Cycle tracking will equip you with information to help you track irregularities and symptoms which you can ask your doctor about if need be. This isn’t only useful for when you need to track your next cycle. It can also be used to predict when your next fertile window will be.

Cycle Tracker

And Much, Much More…

There are so many small updates as well as everything mentioned above, here are a few of the smaller features that we haven’t mentioned yet

  • Audiobooks app
  • Taptic engine can tap your wrist when there’s a new hour
  • Tap 2 fingers on the watch face for it to tell you the time
  • Add Animojis or Memoji stickers to your messages
  • Your Apple Watch can now monitor noise levels

WatchOS 6 is compatiable with all models except for the first generation. Although, not all features are available with older models.

The Verdict

This update is a nice boost to fans of the Apple Watch. I think most Apple Watch users are quite satisfied already so it’s nice for Apple to show some extra care. I think we will be seeing more people investing in an Apple Watch in the not too distant future. WatchOS 6 will be released in Fall 2019.

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