Apple Watch is one of the most desired smartwatches on the market. Apple has been adding new features to its wearable devices since the launch day to take on the likes of Samsung. The reason behind Apple Watch’s great success lies in its premium design and optimized watchOS operating system.

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially announced watchOS 5, the next version of its wearable operating system. In reality, we had heard a lot of rumors regarding watchOS 5 for months prior to the unveiling event, hinting at the impressive features and skills.

With watchOS 5, Apple continues to put a huge focus on fitness tracking and health features, ranging from pace alerts to activity competitions. watchOS 5 also gives you a sneak preview of what Apple will include in the next generation Apple Watch.

Apple is expected to release the fourth generation Apple Watch later this year. Rumors regarding the next generation Apple Watch have been around for months. With the release of watchOS 5, Apple secretly gives us about this year’s Apple Watch Series 4.

In the section below, we are going to give you what watchOS 5 tells us about Apple’s fourth-generation Apple Watch. Before we begin, watchOS 5 is now available as a beta version for testing purposes. A user with a developer account can get the update now and try out its features. However, keep in mind that watchOS 5 is still in early stages, so it may include bugs and errors.

  1. A great companion for runners

Apple Watch marks Apple’s huge focus on fitness and workouts. In watchOS 5, the Cupertino company introduced a lot of features that help you speed up the pace at the gym or get your data while running. It seems that Apple will continue this trend with its fourth generation Apple Watch this year.

watchOS 5 also includes automatic workout detection. As the name implies, the feature automatically detects when you start a workout. Last year, Apple announced Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity, allowing users to make a phone call, send text messages, and listen to music in workouts.

Sources say that Apple Watch Series 4 will feature a lot of new things in terms of fitness. The coolest part is that all Apple Watch models will come with LTE connectivity at launch.

  1. A better speaker

Apple’s lineup of smartwatches is not reliable when it comes to audio quality. However, things have changed this year. With watchOS 5, Apple brings walkie-talkie to your wrist, a great app that allows users to send push-to-talk messages to their friends and family. All you need to do is to add them to the app and press and hold on the screen to talk.

With the release of walkie-talkie app, we believe that the 4th generation Apple Watch will include a much-improved speaker. An improvement in audio quality will help users get the most out of the app.

watchOS 5 also brings Apple’s Podcasts app to your wrist, allowing developers to include offline playback for music and audiobooks in their Apple Watch’s apps.

It remains unclear when Apple will launch the Apple Watch Series 4 to the public. However, it will be great if Apple offers a better speaker this year.

  1. Better battery life

Apple Watch offers up to 15 hours of battery life, which is pretty impressive. And, we are still expecting to see more power juice this year. watchOS 5 comes with a lot of power-sucking features like better Siri integration.

In watchOS 5, you can ask Siri to do a lot more things, mainly thanks to its new learning machine. Besides, Siri now works with more third-party apps and services. Apple’s personal assistant will be able to engage with more apps and perform various actions.

  1. Focus on LTE connectivity

Last year, Apple announced two versions of the third generation Apple Watch, including the standard model and LTE-enabled model. Apple Watch 3 with LTE connectivity quickly dominates the market. In the first quarter of 2018, Apple shipped millions of smartwatch units, helping the company grab the number one position.

Apple Watch 3 with LTE connectivity is a great success on the market, which gives Apple a driving reason to focus on LTE models this year.

watchOS 5 includes a new walkie-talkie app that lets users send their voice message through their Apple Watch. In reality, the app relies on both Wi-Fi and cellular data to work correctly. Sources say that all this year’s Apple Watch models will feature LTE connectivity, meaning that app works properly on the go.

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