Transfer Any or All Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone without iCloud or iTunes

Apple, Inc. has broken a lot of new ground in hardware and software technology. iOS 12 is the best version yet, iPhone designs surpass themselves every year and the company’s device user base continue to grow past the 1 billion active devices mark that was achieved more than two years ago. But ask any iDevice user what their biggest pain point is, and they’ll tell you – data management. iTunes backups, for example, are not at all flexible, and iCloud is even less adequate for the needs of today’s mobile device users. One of the major issues still facing Apple fans is the ability to transfer old iPhone to new iPhone in terms of files, data and settings.

Issues with iTunes and iCloud Backups

iTunes backup and iCloud backup error on screen

Every iPhone user knows that iTunes is not the ideal solution to transfer old data to new iPhone models. There are several iTunes errors that regularly crop up, including device not found, stuck on update, data missing after a transfer, password being asked even though you never set one, and so on. As for iCloud, it doesn’t allow you to backup certain data types like contacts or messages, and you can’t backup anything that was either downloaded from an external location or imported from your Mac or PC. Besides, the potential security issues around keeping private data on the cloud are well known.

In other words, Apple has done a great job with user experience as far as devices go, but for a company that encourages regular hardware and software upgrades, you would expect that they’d make things easier and quicker in terms of moving data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone.

An Ideal Solution that Fills the Gap

Is there a solution to transfer old data to a new iPhone that doesn’t involve elaborate workarounds or excessive investments in additional software? There are several ways to leverage App Store apps to transfer specific data types or back them up to a cloud before restoring them to a new device, but there is still a growing need for solutions 1-click full backup & restore iPhone ahead of time. One of the best tools to fill this gap is DearMob iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Manager software home page running in macOS

What is DearMob iPhone Manager?

From what we’ve seen so far, we feel this should be a staple app for any iOS device user. It can help you manage all of your data, and transferring files from one device to another is just one click away. Not only does it ably handle your iTunes-purchased content, but it lets you manipulate your data whatever way you want to. You don’t even need iTunes to create your backups – DearMob does it all for you, and none of your data will be erased without your knowledge.

One of the major advantages of using this software is the flexibility you have in terms of choosing what data to backup. Apart from the 1-click full iPhone backup feature that lets you move data seamlessly from old iPhone to new iPhone, DearMob also lets you choose specific file types for backup. If you want to take a backup of just your contacts and messages, or just movies and songs, that’s not something you can do with iTunes. With DearMob, however, it’s a matter of a few clicks, and you’re done.

iPhone backup with DearMob iPhone Manager

The biggest difference we’ve seen with this robust utility is that it runs independently of iTunes or any kind of support from Apple. A lot of the mainstream software applications for mobile data transfer still rely on iTunes or Apple support, but DearMob is a standalone iPhone manager that cuts through the walled garden and gives you the freedom to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.

Yet another really cool feature is DearMob’s conversion tools. File formats that aren’t fully supported outside the iOS ecosystem are converted while exporting data from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. HEIC is automatically converted to JPG, messages and contacts can be converted to .txt, .pdf and .doc, video formats like WMV and FLAC are converted to the more universal MP4, etc. This allows you to freely share content with devices running Android, Windows, Chrome OS and so on. That’s another major gap left by Apple that this software fills.

From a privacy and security angle as well, DearMob has all the right moves. It can remove Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions applied to iTunes purchases so you can freely share with and backup content to any of your other devices. And the encryption options are any security expert’s dream – Argon 2, PBKDF2, 256-AES, 1024-bit RSA included. Effectively, what it does is lock down your phone and give you the only key, which is an absolute must especially during critical data transfer tasks.

Our Opinion and Ratings

DearMob iPhone Manager ranks high on several fronts, including speed, flexibility, reliability, file compatibility, width of support for data types, security compliance and, most of all, user experience. In terms of the ability to seamlessly move data from one device to another, we rate it 9 out of 10. For flexibility in handling multiple data types and giving options to users, 9.5 out of 10. For pricing, 8 out of 10. We felt that the software fills a major gap left by Apple that only very few applications are able to adequately address, and that’s where the value is. In essence, it is the only tool you’ll ever need for transferring data between iOS and Windows or macOS, and for managing, archiving and doing backup and restore for all your valuable files.

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