Top iOS 9’s keyboard tips (Part 1)

Apple has improved its virtual and multi-touch keyboards with many features including predictive engine, shortcuts and trackpad mode. However, not all of these features are obvious, some are hidden. That means you need to learn, and once you do that, you will master your keyboard on your iPhone.

Here are some keyboard tips you need to know to improve your typing skills on your iPhone.

1. Check settings



First and foremost, you need to get know some basic keyboard settings including auto-caps, auto-corrections, predictions and more. You can to head to Settings > General > Keyboard to toggle the settings for your keyboard.

2. Hide QuickType


QuickType is a nice feature for iOS keyboard that allows you to type faster, but sometimes it creates some unnecessary bothers and you want disable it. To do this, you can use the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings app from your Home screen, and tap General.

Step 2: Tap on Keyboard.

Step 3: Toggle the Predictive button to the left to disable it.


3. Speedy keyboard switches


If you want type in a number or symbol, don’t just tap Number or Symbol button. Instead, tap on it and slide it to the number or symbol you want to enter, and then release. Once it is done, you will be taken back to the keyboard.

4. Enable CAPS LOCK

When you want to capitalize all the letters, you don’t need to hit the Shift button for each letter. Instead, hit the Shift button twice to enable CAPS LOCK mode. If you tap the Shift button again, the mode will turn off.

5. Insert special characters


You may be wondering how you can enter ‘èéêëēėę’. In fact, it is much easier than you think. Just need to touch and hold down on the letter “e” to bring up a  popup menu that includes all the other options you can use with the letter “e”. In Safari, you just need to repeat the process and you will get options for .com, .net, and more.


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