Top 5 Shortcuts That Make Your Life Easier

Having a fancy Apple device is not only about how it looks, its about how it works too. Using Shortcuts can make your life so much easier. You’ve invested a lot in your Apple device so why not get your money’s worth!

Please note that to get the most out of these shortcuts, you need to arrange your widgets so that the shortcuts widgets are at the top. Here are our top 5 Shortcuts for your Apple device.

1. Play Playlist

This shortcut is pretty self explanatory. It just requires a little bit of set up. Firstly, open up the Shortcuts App and scroll through the Gallery to the Quick shortcuts section. From there, you’ll find Play Playlist. Simply provide the Shortcuts app with access to Music, then choose your playlist that you want it to play and you’re all set up!

2. Directions Home

This is the best shortcut when you’re just tired and you don’t want to mess around with apps to find the best way home. It requires a little bit more set up, but it’s entirely worth it.

First, open the Shortcuts app, scroll through the gallery to Quick Shortcuts and then find Directions Home. From there, you need to do allow access to your location and then write your address, be as specific as you can. Now that’s all done, when you next need to get home, simply click on the Directions Home widget and you’ll be on your way in no time.

3. Calculate a Tip

This is another great shortcut. It’s actually incredibly complicated in how it works, but fortunately for you, it’s quite simple! First open the Shortcuts app, then scroll through the gallery to the Essentials category. Then find Calculate a Tip and you’re all set!

Next time you get the bill, simply choose the Calculate a Tip widget. It will ask you how much is your bill and how much percentage you plan to give then it will tell you how much your total bill is and how much tip you’re giving.

4. Dinner Time

This is the best app for a family of iPhone users! Whenever dinner is ready, you don’t need to scream at your family to gather round the table! Just use this Shortcut instead!

Firstly, open the Shortcuts app. Then search for Dinner Time and then you need to set up some more details. The Dinner Time Shortcut will send a message to every member of your family and will also play music from your desired device.

To set all this up, go to My Shortcuts at the bottom of the Shortcuts app and click on the three dots at the top right of your Dinner Time Shortcut. You then need to choose the playback destination (which device you wish to play music from) then, the playlist that you wish to be played. There is also a preset message that’s sent to your family; “Hey! It’s time for dinner!” This can also be edited here if you wish.

5. Running Late

By far the most useful Shortcut I‘ve found so far! It’s a common dilemma, you’re running late, do you stop to message them making you later or rush to get there as soon as you can? Either way, running late can be stressful. Fortunately this Shortcut removes that stress.

One important part for this Shortcut to work is to make sure you use your calendar to organize your days. Firstly, open Shortcuts and search the gallery for Put it on the Calendar. Then search for Running Late. You need to allow access to your location and then the shortcut will take care of the rest. It will send a message like this: “Running a little late, will be there in [time from destination]”

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    • Thanks for the feedback Jeff! Actually there is a very slight difference. Using “Hey Siri, take me home.” Will get the info from your My Info That you need to setup in your settings. Using the Directions For Home Shortcut will get the info that you directly put into the Shortcut. So if you’re not a big fan of registering your info then this is a useful solution for you! Having said that, asking Siri is equally useful too!

      Have any of the other Shortcuts been useful for you? Are there others that you recommend?


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