Top 5 keyboards for your Mac Pro 2019

The Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever released to the public. In reality, Apple has not just upgraded the hardware, they also redesigned the look of the machine, making it more visually appealing.

The new machine will not be ready until holiday 2019, but it’s now a good time to pick up some accessories for your Mac. In the section below, we made a list of the best wireless keyboards for your Mac Pro. Picking a wireless keyboard is a wise move as it gives users the liberty to work on the go.

Apple Magic Keyboard

If you don’t want to use a third-party keyboard, then the good news is that Apple has its own keyboard lineup called Magic Keyboard. This is something you really need for your powerful Mac Pro as it provides a comfortable and precise typing experience. This is because of its sleek design and soft keys.

The best part is that the keyboard connects automatically with your Mac, eliminating the need for some sort of complicated pairing steps. The Magic Keyboard has a built-in battery which can be charged using a Lightning to USB Cable.

One major drawback is the price, as you are looking at around $100 for a keyboard. In reality, that’s cheaper when compared to the gaming keyboard lineup, but the fact is that you don’t buy a Mac for gaming.

Buy: Apple Magic Keyboard


Azio is one of the leading providers of premium keyboards on the market. What sets Azio-branded keyboards from its rivals out there lies in their unique, creative design. In reality, Azio keyboard combines retro typewriters and modern features, making it a good balance of past, present, and future.

Azio keyboard features a metal frame, combining with premium leather or wood surface. The keyboard can be a solid choice for those who are looking for a premium mechanical keyboard.

With those high-end materials, Azio keyboard lineup does not come cheap. A retro classic keyboard may cost up to $220. You can pre-order the Azio Retro Classic at its online store.

Buy: The Azio Retro Classic Keyboard

Logitech K811

Logitech now manufactures and sells millions of personal computer and mobile peripherals. The Swiss firm has its own keyboard lineup for the Apple Mac laptops and computers. In this case, we recommend you opt for Logitech K811, one of the best keyboards for your Mac.

The keyboard features a simple design with the familiar Mac keyboard layout, making your typing experience less painful. It also features unique keycap design for quieter typing and auto-adjusting illumination for easy nighttime typing.

Logitech K811 comes with a switch button that allows you to toggle between typing on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The keyboard is also lightweight and slim, making it easier to carry around.

Buy: Logitech K811


If you are looking for a rugged keyboard for your Mac Pro, then you have come to the right place. Havis keyboard is IP67 rated for water resistance and features backlit keys for low light usage.

The keyboard works perfectly with the Apple Mac lineup. All you need to do is to turn on Bluetooth on your Mac and it will detect the keyboard. Havis keyboard is pretty expensive as it starts at $400, but it offers good value for money. Indeed, it is durable, water-resistant, and highly compatible with macOS.

Buy: Havis rugged keyboard


Macally is one of the best providers of keyboards for Mac. Indeed, it supports up to 21 macOS shortcuts, making your daily tasks much easier. Macally keyboard offers full-size keys, allowing for a comfortable and efficient typing experience.

The keyboard is super slim and lightweight, which is ideal for carrying around. The best part is that the keyboard features a solar panel that offers up to 150 hours of battery life.

Buy: Solar Powered Rechargeable Slim Wireless RF Keyboard

These are the best keyboards for the Mac Pro 2019. If you have a favorite, don’t forget to share with us in the comments below.

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