Top 5 iPhone Games to Play In August 2019

Apple iPhone and iPad are the best tools for gaming thanks to their beautiful displays and optimized hardware. We are halfway through 2019 now and there are lots of cool games for your iOS devices. With that in mind, we made a list of the best games for your iPhone and iPad in 2019.

Before we get started, we recommend you now have the latest software update installed on your iPhone or iPad. A new software update may boost your gaming performance as it includes fixes for bugs and errors.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is one of the most played games on Steam thanks to its beautiful graphics and amazing gameplay. The game is now available on Apple iOS, allowing iPhone and iPad users to enjoy the game’s attractive storyline.

In the game, you play as the Drifter who has access to the forgotten technology and confronts monsters to save the world. To achieve this, you can use the energy sword that gives you a power boost. Players can also upgrade their sword by collecting rare batteries scattered across the game’s world.

The coolest part is that the game now supports Xbox One controllers and PS4 DualShock 4 controllers, allowing for a much easier navigation. The game now costs $4,99 on the App Store.

Sky: Children of the Light

If you are looking for a fun game to play with your friends, the Sky: Children of the Light is worth your shot. The game was once crowned the Game of the Year in 2013 and received favorable reviews from critics out there.

The game features a beautiful and charming world for the players to discover. In the game, you control the Children of the Light to restore spirits to their constellations. The best part is that you can customize your characters to fit your play-style and team up with your friends to survive in the dark world as well as embark upon a sacred adventure to return the Fallen Stars to their places.

Sky: Children of the Light is now free on the App Store and we recommend you have a modern iPhone model (iPhone 7 or later) to enjoy the game’s stunning graphics.

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World is a cool puzzle game for your iPhone and iPad. All you need to do is to match three capsules of the same color to clear them. This is a classic game that we have grown accustomed to since you were a little kid. However, each level can be completed for a limited time.

In Dr. Mario World, you not only play Mario as you also control Dr. Bowser, Dr. Peach, and others to complete the puzzles. Plus, you can team up with your assistants like Koopa Troopa, Buzzy Beetle, and Goomba to clear viruses.

You can also play the game with your friends and challenge other players around the world in the versus mode. You will earn battle points for each victory to increase your rank.

Texas Hold’em

The release of Texas Hold’em marks the 10 year anniversary of the App Store. The game was originally introduced back in 2006 before the App Store launched to the public. The new version features more characters, game modes, better graphics, and challenging gameplay.

The game includes 10 locations, including Las Vegas, Paris, Macau, and many more. Plus, you can play against up to 8 opponents at the same time and switch to first-person mode.

Texas Hold’em was initially available for Apple iPod and received mostly positive reviews. However, Apple pulled the game from the App Store in 2011 for unknown reasons. The game is now free to play and available to download from the App Store.

The Kreator

The Kreator is fun game for your iPhone and iPad. In the game, you need to collect globules of light during your journey. The game includes thousand frames of Motion Graphics and 12 original soundtracks.

If you are looking for a relaxing game to play on your iPhone or iPad, then the Kreator is worth a try. The game is now free to download on the App Store.

These are the best games for iPhone and iPad you need to check out right now. If you have got a favorite, let us know in the section below.

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