Top 5 Games For Apple Arcade

With the release of Apple Arcade, With over 100+ games released so far, it makes sense that most consumers will be spoiled for choice. So, we thought we’d share with you our top 5 games for Apple Arcade so far.

Hot Lava

Don’t. Touch. The. Floor. Because it’s lava. So run, jump, climb, and surf — on your own or with friends — in a nostalgic game that will transport you back to your childhood.

Hot Lava, developed by Klei entertainment, is a must try for most casual gamers. Traverse your way through different environments, making sure you dont touch the floor! Inspired by the classic child’s game “the floor is lava”but with a fantasy element thrown in as well. The gameplay feels quite similar to Mirror’s Edge as it’s basically a freerunning platformer game but with a more simplistic feel to it. It’s also possible to play with friends!

The Pathless

In this surreal and mythic adventure, a hunter and an eagle explore a vast forested island to break a curse that grips the world. It’s a cinematic blend of action and story, all set in a stunning, dreamlike landscape.

From the creators of ABZÛ, The Pathless is an adventure game about an archer and an eagle in a vast forest. You play as the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to lift a curse of darkness that grips the world. The visuals on this game are simple and yet, stunning. It really reminds me of the old Team ICO games like Shadow of the Collossus or ICO, not for the game play but for how the game looks. Needless to say that this game is some fast-paced eye candy that I’m fully looking forward to playing.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Set 1,000 years before the original Oceanhorn, this is a completely reimagined world of knights and treasure-filled dungeons. Breathtaking visuals and new tactical abilities make it engaging for players of all kinds.

Oceanhorn 2, is the much anticipated prequel of the Oceanhorn series released back in 2013. The game feels like a simplistic version of the popular Zelda games if Link had a gun! Stunning scenery, clever puzzles and craftables makes this game a timeless classic, worthy of it’s predecessor. The controls actually work quite well on an iPad, although sometimes you end up fighting creatures behind the camera which can be a bit awkward, but apart from that, the gameplay is very smooth.


Yaga is an Action RPG with a charming narrative that adapts to your choices, exploring the enchanted world of slavic culture and folklore.

If you’re looking for a game that has replay ability, then this is the one for you! Each campaign is completely different, with every element able to change, it’s possible to pick up and play time and time again. The main highlight for me is not only the beautiful artwork, but also the incredible character designs. Keep an eye out for this one, this is definitely a hidden gem that might just slip under the radar.

Where Cards Fall

A captivating narrative puzzle that’s also a compelling coming-of-age story. Our hero navigates the insecurities and emotions of high school and beyond, creating pathways and overcoming obstacles

There isn’t a huge amount shown in the trailers for this game but Where Cards Fall looks to be a promising puzzle solver. You play as a non-gender specific character moving across over 80 puzzles in this coming-of-age story. As of now, you can only find footage of the easy puzzles but the mechanics gives it the premise of being able to give some real challenges in later stages.

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