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Apple has finally released the latest version of its desktop operating system. This year, OS X comes with a brand new name, MacOS Sierra, bringing it in line with Apple’s other operating systems, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. However, MacOS Sierra is not just about the name that is different, it also focuses on introducing new features and changes inside and over the hood in order  to improve user experience.

In this post, we will walk you through ten new features in MacOS Sierra

  1. Universal Clipboard


If you are one of those who use the iPhone, iPad and Mac constantly, Universal Clipboard is definitively something that you have been looking for. With UC, you can copy texts or images from one device and past it to another. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Siri


MacOS Sierra marks the first time Apple brings Siri to its desktop operating system. With Siri on Mac, we recommend that you forget the old way of controlling your computer using keyboard and try using Siri to control your Mac. You now can do a lot with Siri on your Mac besides checking weather forecasts or opening apps; you can set reminders, open websites and many more. If you are now using a Mac, Siri is defenitively something you don’t want to miss at all

  1. Desktop and Documents Folder Sync


In MacOS Sierra, Apple tends to push all your content to the cloud, as the company has added the Desktop and Documents folder sync option for its storage service, iCloud Drive. Basically, once you have enabled the feature, you will move all the contents of Desktop and Documents folders to iCloud Drive and you can access your data from your iPhone or iPad using the iCloud Drive app.

  1. Picture-in-Picture



Picture-in-Picture is not a new concept, as it has existed for a while on iPad. With MacOS Sierra, Apple finally brings this exciting feature to MacOS. However, if you are expecting something new here, there are no surprises. Basically, once enabled, the PiP displays a small window of your video that stays on the top of the screen. This means that you can watch video while doing your work.

  1. Photos

MacOS Sierra comes with a many new features in the Photos app, making it much easier for users to arrange and access their photos.

Memories tab: The tab includes all your albums of photos and videos that are automatically generated. You will find albums of your holiday here. If you want to see a video, simply click on it.


Faces: The Faces tab includes all the recognized faces, and once you click on one, you will see all the photos that are linked with the face. Besides, you can add a name to your photo.

Object Search: MacOS Sierra makes it much easier for Mac owners to search within the photo with Object Search. For example, you can search for a location or something like “Flowers” or “ Heart” and you will find the photos that contains those keywords.

  1. Messages


In iOS 10, Apple poured a lot of love into its Messages app, but MacOS Sierra has some new stuff to get your attention. You now can use Tapback to convey an emotional message to your friends or you watch video inline.

  1. Storage Analysis


If your Mac is running too slow, there might be chances that you are storing many large files that take up too much space. With MacOS Sierra, Apple introduced  a brand new storage management feature that allows you to track down large files that are eating up your space. Besides, you can easily remove old iOS backups to free up your space.

  1. Auto Unlock feature


Auto Unlock allows you to unlock your Mac when you place your Apple Watch near your Mac. Once your Mac get unlocked, you will receive a notification on your Watch informing that the unlock was successful. The feature is really useful, as it can save a bit of time. Note that Auto Unlock feature won’t work for all Macs running MacOS Sierra. We recommend you use more recent Macs to make the most of the feature.

  1. Apple Pay in Safari


Like iOS 10, MacOS Sierra now supports Apple Pay in Safari. Basically, Apple Pay uses the Touch ID sensor to authenticate your purchase, eliminating the need for passwords or OTPs.

  1. Apple Music


In MacOS Sierra, Apple has redesigned its music streaming service. Apple Music is now brighter, bigger and more intuitive.

Don’t forget to share with us how your experience with MacOS Sierra has been so far in the comments section.

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