Sony’s next-gen gaming console- the Playstation 5 is officially out in some regions, including America and Australia . However, the new console quickly ran out of stock in just a few hours due to the huge demand. Therefore, if you are unable to grab one of the PS5 on the first day, you are not alone. To compete in the race for this next-gen console, you need some tricks. Allow us to provide you some tips on how to buy a PS5 before they’re gone.

Get Prepared

Make sure your credit/debit cards are in a good state. In addition, note all the right payment details in a file for quicker use. You should also charge up your phone when you find a PS5 deal. It may be available for just a few minutes, so if you waste your time to get your credit card ready, you will miss the chance to secure an order.

Select Your Retailer

Currently, there is plenty of retailers you can choose to buy the PS5 from. we highly recommend you select some major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy and keep an eye on their PS5 pages.

Log In Your Retailer Websites

When the PS5 restocks at your desired retailer, the service may crash due to system overload. So make sure you are already signed into your shopping account and have your credit card details ready. When the deal pops up, simply add it to your cart and proceed with checkout.

Sign Up for Stock Alerts

Some retailers usually keep you updated with the latest product and restock info . We suggest you sign up for the stock alert at your retailer if you don’t want to miss out on their new deals.

Make Sure You Are At the Right Product Page

We make mistakes sometimes. So, make sure you’re on the actual shopping page for the PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, or the Bundle. If you’re on a landing page, you might end up missing new stocks.

Don’t Give Up!

PS5 is now out of stock worldwide while the next in-store pickup is not ready until February 2021. However, some retailers say that pre-orders for the PS5 will re-open sometimes after its official launch. We expect to see more PS5 units during this year’s holiday season. So, get yourself ready as it will be sold out quickly.

Check Online Channels For Newest Updates

There are plenty of big Tech sites like Techradar or TomGuide that provide you regular updates on the PS5 stocks. If you are on Twitter, you might want to check out and follow different users such as the IGN Deals or @Wario64 for up-to-second updates on the latest deals, restocks, and in-stock alerts.

There you go, these are our tips to help you buy a PS5. We hope that these tips can help you to secure your order soon.