Things To Expect About Apple’s September Event 2020

As usual every year, Apple’s event in September will be the event where they announce their newest hardware works. Normally,  they will reveal the new lineup or improvements of the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. As we are at the end of August now and Apple usually hosts this event in the first weeks of September, the hype must be overwhelming. So what can you expect from Apple’s September event 2020? Let’s take a look.

This September Event May Be Hosted Online

The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many big events to be postponed or canceled. However, several other events still happening as they are switching to online methods – live streaming the event. Similarly, Apple has hosted the WWDC on 22/06 in the form of a live stream. So it is possible that their next event will also happen online.

WWDC 2020

Recently, Apple launched a live stream test on YouTube that includes a September 10 date. This has led to some predictions that Apple could be holding an event on that day. Apple quickly removed the testing stream, but dozens of Twitter users can still capture a screenshot.

On top of that, a recent leak also indicates that Apple is preparing to record its products reveal in Apple Park. Although there are still doubts about this leak, it makes the possibilities that the September event will be hosted online bigger.

Apple Watch Series 6

Of course, new products will be announced by Apple this fall event. Starting with the Apple Watch Series 6. Some leaks indicate that Apple’s upcoming smartwatch won’t be a major upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 5. Although the product is rumored to come with thinner bezels, capable of detecting panic of the user as well as measuring oxygen levels in the blood, it is not the breakthrough that a lot of iFan is expecting.

The Announcement of iPhone 12 is Indispensable

The announcement for the new iPhone line up has always been the biggest focal point of this annual event. This year, the launch of the iPhone 12 will certainly happen in this event as well. As for the iPhone 12 series, there are several predictions about the changes in these new phones. But the most common rumors are they will have improved cameras, increased RAM capacity, support 5G, and use the powerful 5nm A14 chipset. These changes in the spec are promising to make the new iPhone be faster and more efficiency

However, the design of the iPhone 12 series may not change much from the previous generation when they still use the notch design on the front and the multiple lens rear camera system. The only change comes from the fact that the successor models of the iPhone 11 will use a flat bezel like the iPad Pro line.

Introducing New ARM-based Macs

Recent rumors indicate that Apple may reveal at least two new ARM-based Macs at the upcoming September event. Earlier this year, the company said that the first Macs using Apple Silicon chips will be released later this year. Almost two months have passed since Apple unveiled plans to transition its Mac lineup from Intel to ARM processors. The aim to have completed the move to ARM processors within two years, although new Intel-powered Macs are still being released. At the moment we don’t know if these products will belong to the MacBook or iMac line. A return to the 12-inch MacBook is supposedly in development, as is an ARM version of the MacBook Pro 13. Perhaps we will find out about this in the upcoming September event.

New iPad Generation and AirPower Wireless Charging Dock

These products are also predicted to be announced in this event. The next iPad generation does not seem to have much change compared to the previous lineup. So, more likely Apple will introduce an affordable 8th generation iPad, using a 10.2-inch screen with thick bezels and a more powerful A12 Bionic chip. In addition, Apple doesn’t seem to be finalizing the new AirPower wireless charging dock yet, but the company seems to be releasing some information about the product at the upcoming event.

Here you go, here are things you can expect about Apple’s September event. With the heat in the technology market competition and the recent conflict with developers, this upcoming event will surely be a big hit for the ends of 2020. Of course, with the current Covid-19 epidemic, It is understandable that the event will be hosted online. So what is your thought on this event? Let us know in the comments!

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