The best mid-range Windows 10 tablets in 2018

Windows 10 is among the best desktop operating systems on the market. Microsoft has been working on improving Windows 10 since the launch day to offer a great user experience. Microsoft’s newest Windows version is now fueling a wide range of devices out there, ranging from PCs to tablets.

There is a barrage of Windows 10-based tablets released to the market every year, each with its exciting offerings – a good camera, more processing power, and a greater battery life -. But high-end tablets out there are not cheap. Purchasing a top-tier Windows 10-powered tablet will burn a serious hole in your wallet.

Fortunately, there are tons of mid-range Windows tablets out there you can pick from. A mid-range tablet won’t offer premium components, but they come with a lot of exciting features. In the section below, we have compiled a list of the best cheap Windows 10 tablets in 2018.

  1. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft’s Surface lineup of tablets has been available for years on the market. The Surface tablets were initially targeted at the premium segment, but Microsoft is expanding its availability to the mid-range market.

The Redmond company recently announced the Surface Go following months of rumors and reports. Basically, the Go is an improved version of the budget Surface 3, but it’s smaller and lighter than its sibling.

The Surface Go is a mid-range tablet that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 at launch. The tablet offers enough power to handle your daily tasks ranging from browsing the internet to editing photos. Under the hood, the Go is powered by Intel’s lower-end Intel Pentium processor.

The Surface Go is among the best mid-range Windows 10 tablets you can buy right now. The tablet starts at $399. However, the device does not come with Type Cover and Surface Pen. With a $399 price tag, the Surface Go will compete directly with Apple’s new 9.7 inch iPad and Acer’s Chrome Tab 10 on the market.

  1. NuVision 8-inch

If you are looking for a mini tablet with a great display, and comfortable hands-on experience, the NuVision 8-inch tablet should be your choice. The NuVision eight-inch is a mid-range Windows 10 tablet. The device receives a wide welcome, with praise directed at its great build quality and high-resolution display.

In terms of design, the tablet features a plastic back. This makes sense as it belongs to the mid-range segment. However, the device sports a Full HD display, which looks sharp and crisp. We have been testing it out for several months. And, apps and games look great on the device.

However, the device lacks pen support, but you still can take notes or stretch your ideas using the stock Notes app. The NuVision 8-inch tablet now costs $80, which is pretty cheap when compared to its rivals. For an $80 price tag, the device offers everything you expect from a mid-range tablet.

  1. Fusion 5 10-inch

The Fusion 5 10-inch really shines on the market thanks to its premium look. Besides, the tablet features a 1280 x 800 IPS display, which is responsive and clear. The 10-inch display is great for watching movies/videos, browsing the web, and working.

The tablet is super slim, but it offers a full set of ports and connectivity options. Indeed, you can connect your tablet with other Bluetooth devices. Under the hood, the Fusion 5 10inch tablet is fueled by Intel Quad Core Processor, coupled with 2GB RAM.

The Fusion 5 10-inch tablet is a great device that offers great design, good specs, and exciting features. The tablet now costs less than $200 on the market and it is a good choice for those with a limited budget.

  1. Chuwi Hi8 Pro

Chuwi Hi8 Pro is a Windows 10 tablet that offers great features for the price you pay. The tablet uses the Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, paired with 2GB of RAM. The Hi8 Pro features a Full HD display that offers a much-improved picture quality and more details.

The tablet weighs in at 306 grams only, which is great for bringing it by your side on the go. The Hi8 Pro is a mid-range tablet, but it sports a premium look with metallic edges. The coolest part is that the device includes a Type-C port for faster file transfer and charging. The device also includes a MicroSD slot for storage expansion.

When it comes to software, the tablet comes pre-installed with Windows 10, it offers a full set of Windows 10’s tools, including Cortana, Edge browser, Smart Voice Assistant, and even more.

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