The best iOS 12 features you should check out right now

iOS 12 comes with a bunch of new features we have demanding for years. Like any other major software update, iOS 12 greatly improves the overall performance while addressing issues and bugs found in previous versions. As the successor to iOS 11, iOS 12 is expected to offer a comprehensive experience for any users out there. In reality, Apple’s new version of the mobile operating system has been in the hands of the community for months as Apple offered a number of developer betas. Apple has been using user feedback to gradually improve iOS 12 to make it more useful and faster. Earlier this week, the Cupertino firm rolled out the iOS 12.1 developer beta that brings back Group FaceTime Calls.

Group FaceTime Calls is one of the biggest additions to iOS 12, allowing up to 32 people to join a conversation. But, Apple removed it from the final build of iOS 12 last month for unknown reasons. Fortunately, with iOS 12.1, Apple finally added it to its operating system.

However, Group FaceTime Calls is not the only feature that stands out in iOS 12. In the section below, we have compiled a list of the best iOS 12 features and show you how to use them. Before we begin, make sure you now have iOS 12 or later on your iPhone or iPad. For some background, iOS 12.1 is now available as a developer beta only. To get the update, you need to sign up for Apple’s Developer Program. Keep in mind that a developer beta may come with errors and glitches, so we recommend you wait for a couple of weeks until a final build releases.

  1. Screen Time

Screen Time is one of the best features that have been demanded for many years. The feature serves as Apple’s latest attempt to curb smartphone addiction as you can quickly check how much time you are spending on your iPhone. In reality, Screen Time is not something new out there as it works in a similar way to Android Digital Wellbeing.

iOS 12

Screen Time also allows you to set time limits for your iPhone apps. Once the time runs out, iOS 12 will block access to your apps and suggest you take a break. From here, you can request more time or remove it. To enable Screen Time, you simply fire up Settings, then hit Screen Time and turn on the switch for the feature. To set App Limits, open the Settings app from your home screen, then tap Screen Time and select App Limits. Once you are in, tap Add Limit, then select a category of app you want to enable the time restriction for and hit Add.

  1. Create a Memoji

In iOS 12, Apple has introduced Memoji, an exciting feature that creates animated versions of yourself. Like Animoji – which was debuted alongside iPhone X last year -, Memoji takes advantage of the iPhone’s True Depth camera to create an avatar that looks exactly like you. The best part is that you can change hairstyle and skin, and add things like freckles to your Memoji. However, Memoji is exclusive to iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR as they all feature the same camera technology. And Apple has no driving reason to expand the feature to older iPhone models.

iOS 12

To create a Memoji, open the Messages app from your home screen, then open a conversation and hit the Animoji button. After that, scroll to the right until you see the + button and tap on it. Once you are done, hit Done in the upper right corner of the screen to save your work.

  1. Silence your iPhone

iOS 12

Do Not Disturb has been part of Apple iOS for years, which allows you to quickly mute notifications and alerts so your phone remains silent during a business meeting. In iOS 12, Apple has added a number of new features to Do Not Disturb mode. One such feature lies in Bedtime. Once you have enabled Bedtime, it quickly silences notifications at night so you will get a better sleep. Besides, you won’t receive notifications on the lock screen while your iPhone is locked. To enable Bedtime, open Settings on your iPhone, then select Do Not Disturb and set a schedule. From here, turn on Bedtime when you see a new pop-up menu.

  1. Measure app

iOS 12 introduces a new app called Measure. The app uses your iPhone’s rear shooters to measure objects around you. However, the Measure app only can measure straight lines with your phone’s rear snappers.

iOS 12

Step one: Launch the Measure app from your home screen and use your fingers to move the white dots to the start point

Step two: Hit the + button to select the start point and then select your endpoint

Step three: Once you are done, you should see the final measurement on the screen.

These are the best iOS 12 features you should check out. Don’t forget to share with us how your experience with iOS 12has been so far in the comments below.

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