Steps to search photos on your Mac

63Apple’s Photos for Mac offers you a speedy and functional way to edit, manage and share your images. However, there is a lesser known feature called Search that’s embedded in the Photos app for Mac.

Basically, the feature allows you to search for objects, descriptions of locations, places and beings in photos on your Mac. The Search feature might not be known to many folks. So if this is the first time you have seen it, well you are not alone out there.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to search photos on your Mac. Before we begin, make sure that you already have a photo library in the app.

Steps to search in photos on your Mac for attributes

Step one: First off, you need to open the Photos app on your Mac. Once you are in, you simply need to click the Search bar located at the top right corner of the app

Step two: Next up, you need to enter a search term to search in photos for attributes or features

Step three: You will see a list of all matching attributes below the Search bar. All you need to do is to select a match to enter an album of photos that contains your search term

That’s it! Keep in mind that you must be searching from the Photos app on your Mac. This is a great feature for Mac users, and we expect that Apple expands the Search feature to other apps on Mac.

Steps to search photos on your iPhone and iPad

Step one: Launch the Photos app from your home screen and then head to either Albums view or Photos view. After that, you simply need to hit the magnifying glass at the top to proceed

Step two: Next up, enter your search term such as water, cat, house and animal

Step three: You now need to tap on the matched photo album to access all pictures that match your search term.

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