Steps to disable all Safari browser plug-ins on your Mac

88Like other web browsers out there, Safari for Mac includes the ability to run third-party plug-ins like Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader and other tools. Basically, these plug-ins add additional functionality and services to Apple’s web browser.

However, third-party plug-ins may lead to app instability and security problems. If you barely use services that require third-party plug-ins in Safari, you can disable all Safari plug-ins on your Mac.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn off all Safari plug-ins on your Mac. Before proceeding, keep in mind that the process is different from disabling Safari extensions on Mac.

Steps to turn off all Safari browser plug-ins on your Mac

Step one: First off, you need to open Safari on your Mac and then head to the Safari menu at the top

Step two: Next up, select Preferences from the drop-down menu and then make sure that the Security tab is selected before proceeding

Step three: Once you are done, navigate to the bottom of the Security tab and check the box next to “Internet plug-ins”. Once you do that, the “Plug-in Settings” option will turn grey

Step four: Quit and re-launch Safari to apply the change.

That’s it! You have just turned off all Safari browser plug-ins on your Mac. This prevents third-party plug-ins from running in Safari. You can also turn off specific plug-ins in Safari.

In reality, you don’t need to use third-party plug-ins to enhance your web browsing experience. Old plugins may lead to several issues like Safari crashes or unresponsive Safari.

If you want to disable Safari extensions on your Mac, you can check out our post here. Safari is getting much better and better. You now can a lot of things in Safari on your Mac including the ability to customize the toolbar, search between tabs, pin tabs and much more.

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