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Each week we will be reviewing one of our favorite games from Apple Arcade. There’s a lot to choose from and this week we shall be reviewing Stela. Stela is, for me, my personal favorite genre of video games in recent years. A genre that is very niche but worth the journey if you have the brain power and nerves for it.

A Thrilling Journey

Stela starts out quite calm, not much going on. But within literal moments, the chase begins! Stela’s world is a treacherous one that leaves you vulnerable and fearing for your life almost all the time. Fans of games like Inside and Limbo will understand this thrill and the kind of challenges that are thrown at you. As a character, there’s not much you can do except run and push and pull objects. This makes quite a big challenge as plenty of enemies can outrun you.

Nothing says danger more than a flurry of flaming arrows!

A Beautiful Backdrop

Stela is visually stunning. Whether you’re running through an ancient temple, a snowed out village or even in some futuristic pillar zone, the views are spectacular. There are some very brief moments in the game where you can stop and truly enjoy what SkyBox Labs have created. Each different scene also has it’s unique traps, buildings and of course, monsters to keep you on your toes.

The dreaded shadows are one of the most feared adversaries

The Downside

Unfortunately there are a couple of negative points about this game. For this kind of game, as with others of this genre, there isn’t any dialogue. This is intentional and is to create some form of mystery around what’s going on. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any form of narrative that makes you care less about unraveling the story and more about solving puzzles. This, for me, is not a huge deal. Other games like Inside are also obscure and even though I 100% completed it, still am unclear on what I actually completed!

The main issue I had, unfortunately was that the game was sometimes a little glitchy, especially in the later levels. This becomes frustrating because sometimes it’s tough to know if I can’t work out a puzzle, or if there is some glitch I didn’t know about. There was also a point where I’d fallen off something and it had auto saved whilst I was falling, which is every gamers nightmare!

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The Verdict

Stela is one of the first games that grabbed my attention on Apple Arcade. It’s exactly the kind of game that i enjoy playing. The puzzles are complex and stressful and sometimes the time pressure is overwhelming. But it is so satisfying once you get passed a tough part of the game. Yes, there are some minor bugs, but Stela is going to be released on Steam, Xbox And Nintendo switch in early March so I’m sure they will be fixed by then.

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