Are you getting the most out of Siri?

One of the best tools that Apple users have, but are you getting the most out of Siri?

Siri, in my opinion, is usually underrated and not being utilized in the way it should. Siri is not just a quick way to search the web or find that perfect recipe. In fact, she’s your very own personal assistant and if utilized well, can make your life ten times easier. Here are some tips to make sure that you’re getting the most out of Siri.

Have Siri remind you

Siri can remind you of something that you’re currently interacting with at a later date. Whether you’re interacting with emails, texts or even websites, just say “Hey Siri, remind me about this at 5pm Friday.”

So why would you even want to do this? Well sometimes in work (and in life) you can end up spinning too many plates. What if you’re working hard on a deadline and your boss sends you an important email? I don’t have time to read this now “Hey Siri, remind me about this in half an hour.”

This website would be great to bring up at Friday’s meeting “Hey Siri, remind me about this at 9am Friday.” honestly, the possibilities are endless, it just makes your life easier. Just let Siri remind you about it when needed.


Location reminders

“Hey Siri, remind me to give John his gift when I get to his house.”

Ok, this takes a bit of setting up and it will change the way you save new contacts forever, but it’s 100% worth it. For the above example, you’d need to have John’s home address saved under his contact on your phone and reminders turned on in your location services settings (Settings>Privacy>Location services).

It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Try it for a week and you’ll see how productive it is. Besides, “Hey Siri, Get direction’s to John’s house” is a lot easier than remembering all of your contact’s addresses.

Writing Emails

Sometimes Emails can feel like an unnecessary chore, “Hey Siri, Send Email to John about new planning project and say that sounds great, i’ll do it now” done! If you need more time to think, you can seperate it into chunks by starting with “Hey Siri, Send Email to John” and then she’ll ask you about the extra details. It takes some practice but if you can utilize sending Emails with about and sayyou’ll be sending Emails quickly and easily in no time.

Finding photos

“Hey Siri, find my pictures taken last Wednesday”

Why should you be wasting your time scrolling through hundreds of photos? Let Siri do the extra legwork. If you’ve ever used the search engine inside photos, then you should know what to expect from the results but have a play around until you are familiar with it and you’ll have one of the most useful shortcuts.

Setting your alarm

ever got into bed and started drifting off and realized that you forgot to set your alarm? “hey Siri, set my alarm to 7am.” No need to get out of bed, the only downside to this is that if your phone is locked then you have to unlock it to set the alarm, but at least you dont need to open your eyes to do that!


Set up a meeting

“Hey Siri, schedule a meeting with John for 11:30.”

This isn’t only a feature to remind you about an upcoing meeting, Siri will also send invitations to the contact or contacts that are in your meeting (provided they’re in your contacts.) Need to reschedule the meeting? “Hey Siri, move my 11:30 to 2pm.” Easy!

Learn names

One problem with Siri is that she sometimes doesn’t understand someone’s name, mainly because she doesn’t know how to speak it. But don’t worry, she’s more than willing to learn if you’ll teacher her! “Hey Siri, Learn to pronounce Eimear’s name.” she’ll ask how to say both the first name and surname (if necessary) and Siri will try to learn to say it properly too.

DJ Siri

Feel like listening to music but can’t decide on what you’re in the mood for? “Hey Siri, play me something I’d like.” With the help of Apple music (subscription required) you can discover new songs based on what Siri thinks that you’ll like. You can also ask phrases like “Hey Siri, play me some ’60s rock” or “Hey Siri, play the latest Bruno Mars.” Siri can also suggest your favorite playlist when you arrive at the gym, just pop in your AirPods and get on the treadmill, Siri will take care of the rest!

Let us know what you think

Have you tried out any of these tips? what do you think? let us know what you think in the comments!

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