Save iPhone Battery Life

Battery life is really important if you are using an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. With the increased number of features that come with every new iPhone, like increased pixel density screens, more powerful processors, and more demanding software applications, battery life is always at risk of being reduced with a new iPhone release. If you install the latest iOS on your older iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, you may also see a decrease in battery life.

Save iPhone Battery Life with these 5 Top Tips

  1. Close Unused Applications that are still Running in the Background – this is really important. Double-tap your Home button to show the iOS activity monitor that shows the currently running apps. Swipe up on each app to quit it.
  2. Reduce Screen Brightness – If you are using your iPhone a lot, using it with the screen dimmed is a great way to increase your iPhone battery life.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth – If you don’t need it, turn it off, it’s another battery drain and it will save iPhone battery life.
  4. Turn off Wifi – If your iPhone is constantly maintaining a Wifi connection and looking for Wifi hotspots, this will drain the iPhone battery life. Turn it off if you don’t need it.
  5. Turn off GPS/Location Services – This is a big drain on your iPhone battery life, so make sure to turn this off if you’re not using Maps or other apps that use this service.

Other ways to Save iPhone Battery Life

  • Use your iPhone Less. It’s a bit of a no brainer…but Less talk time, less Internet time, less listening to music. Less usage of your iPhone will save your iPhone battery life.
  • Turn off the Parallax feature. Apple’s parallax feature is pretty useless – it’s an aesthetic feature that most users find dizzying and hard on the eyes. To turn it off, visit Settings > General > Accessibility and switch Reduce Motion to “on.”

Identify which Apps use the most iPhone Battery Life

iOS has a great feature where you can actually see which apps use the most battery life on your iPhone. It’s accessed from Settings > General > Battery Usage.

iPhone Battery Life
iPhone Battery Life












Cut back on the Notification Center Widgets

Cutting back on the number of Notification Center widgets will help you increase your iPhone battery life.

iPhone battery life notification center

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