Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro

In many ways, the newly released Galaxy Buds Pro are clearly designed to compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro. So, how exactly do these wireless earbuds hold up against each other? To save you the trouble, we’ve tested both models in our Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro comparison to help you decide which one is better here.


This time, Samsung made a great decision and moved on from the Galaxy Buds Live to offer a better oval design. This change not only gives the new earbuds a sleeker appearance but also improves the housing touch panel and control input. Even though there are only 3 color options, Samsung has changed the color variants to phantom black, silver, and violet. Additionally, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s outer mic also features a protected windshield chamber. And, these mics are located in both the front and the top of the earbuds.

Although the AirPods Pro design doesn’t look that attractive anymore when compared with the Galaxy Buds Pro, they still offer a perfect fit with three ear tip options. On top of that, the AirPods Pro force sensor control is very useful here. Plus, the device also includes a back equalizing pressure for better comfort.

Both earbuds come with a sleek, glossy plastic charging case and a charging cable in the box. Overall, these cases are very light and they can fit just fine in your jean pockets.

Noise-Cancellation & Other Features

There is no doubt that the AirPods Pro possess the top noise cancellation feature on the market. In fact, the AirPods Pro can pretty much mute everything around you, even when no music is playing. Yes, you can switch from ANC to Ambient Sound easily, if you want to hear other sounds.

In comparison, the Buds Pro ANC can block low-frequency noise like a car engine sound, for example. However, most higher-frequency sounds will come through, regardless of whatever settings you have on the Galaxy Buds Pro. Luckily, this isn’t too noticeable when music is playing. Well, the bright side here is that blocking all sounds can be a bit dangerous, especially when wearing your earbuds outside.

While the AirPods Pro are definitely the winner when it comes to noise-cancellation, the Buds Pro headphones still have some highlights here. These include ANC & Ambient Sound Control and Voice detection. I’m really impressed with the “Voice detect” feature, which will automatically lower your music and boost people’s voices around you when you start a conversation. And, when it’s over, the Buds Pro will then return to your normal settings automatically. In addition, the Buds Pro will also have tons of new features on Samsung Galaxy devices like 360 Audio, Auto Switch, and Multi Mic Recording in the upcoming One UI update. 

Both Galaxy Buds and AirPods Pro feature transparency mode, which is useful for quick conversations and helps get a better awareness of the surroundings without pausing. But again, the AirPods Pro do a better job here when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. However, as mentioned above, with the “Voice detect”, I don’t think the Buds Pro transparency mode doesn’t need to be that great.

Audio Quality

Spatial Audio is one of the main reasons that make the AirPods Pro better in this matchup. Thanks to the immersive theatre-like surround sound, the AirPods Pro are perfect for watching videos and movies. Despite the lack of some customizable EQ, Apple does offer a range of presets that are great for media formats, including less bass. Besides, there’s no doubt that AirPods Pro have ambient sound quality too. Along with that, the AirPods Pro microphone also do a great job of delivering a great speech and picking up your voice when using Siri. 

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds Pro also offer a supersonic boost and high-frequency sound. Thanks to their amazing speaker system, you can easily notice the Buds Pro sound quality has richer treble and deeper bass. But, just like the AirPods Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also lack the customizable EQ feature.

Fortunately, the Galaxy Wearable app provides 6 presets that help you set the sound frequency easier. Plus, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also introduce Spatial Audio Alternative, Dolby head Tracking, and other multi-dimensional sound features.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro

Both of these wireless earbuds can last a couple of days if used with their case, or about 5 hours standalone. Here are our AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro test results:

With the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on, the Buds Pro can last up to 18 hours with the case or around 5 hours alone. So, if you wish to preserve your battery life, we highly recommend turning the ANC off. In our test, without ANC mode on, the Buds Pro can last up to 28 hours with the case and 8 hours without it. Also, it worth mentioning that the Buds Pro can provide up to an hour of playback with only 5 minutes of quick-charging

On the other hand, the AirPods Pro with ANC can last more than 24 hours of listening time. Without the case, this device can still last for about 4.5 hours. In addition, both the AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro support Qi-certified for wireless charging.

Pros & Cons

  Pros Cons
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Basic noise cancellation
  • Simple touch controls
  • Flat, cramped sound
  • No Google Assistant / Siri support
  • Bulge out of the ear
Apple AirPods Pro
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Improved fit
  • Good for tracking hearing health
  • More expensive
  • Can get loose during workouts


Pricing tends to be the main concern when it comes to high-end earphones. While the Galaxy Buds Pro were recently released at $199, Apple’s AirPods Pro started at a much higher price ($249 since 2019). This makes the Buds Pro a better deal here, especially when Samsung is also offering a $50 discount on this model right now.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Galaxy Buds Pro are solid wireless headphones for Android smartphones. In fact,‌ you’ll be missing out on so many features if you plan to use them with an ‌iPhone. With only $50 cheaper than the ‌AirPods Pro‌, you’re better off spending $50 more if you are using an Apple device.

Besides, if you want a device with more playback hours, we highly recommend you go for Samsung Buds Pro. But, if the noise cancelation quality and calls while commuting are all that matters to you, then the AirPods Pros will be a better option.

Let us know what you think about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Apple AirPods Pro in the comments below!

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