PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which One Is Right For You?

Both Sony and Microsoft have introduced their next-gen consoles – The PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Both consoles are promising to grant players a whole new gaming experience with native 4k resolution and 120FPS. If you are a fan of one of these consoles, you probably have your own pick right now. But if you are new to gaming console, it could be quite hard to choose between them. In this article, I have made a comparison between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X to help you deal with this issue. Let’s check them out.

Versions and Price

The PS5 will have 2 different versions: Standard and Digital Edition. The Digital Edition does not have a Blu-ray drive, so you can only play games that you purchased on the Play Station store. As a result, this version will have a lower price than the standard version. Play Station 5 Standard version costs $499.99 / £449.99 / AU$749.95. The Digital Edition comes in at $399.99 / £359.99 / AU$599.95

On the other hand, Xbox Series X has a more affordable “version” – The Xbox Series S which is smaller in size and a little bit less powerful. Xbox Series X will cost  $499 / £449 / AU$749 while the Series S will cost $299 / £249 / AU$499.

Release Date

Both of the Play Station 5 versions will be released on November 12 in the USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Meanwhile, the other regions, including the UK and Ireland, will get them on November 19. Pre-order deals for PS5 are extremely hard to find. Due to a high demand, Sony has announced that the PS5 is likely be in short supply on launch day.

The Xbox Series X and Series S will launch worldwide on November 10, 2020. The pre-orders were opened on September 22 but they sold out rapidly.

Updated on November 12: The PS5 and Xbox Series X are now available!!! Quickly come grab them now before they are out of stock!!


PS5’s design looks extremely impressive. It is not made in a black box-shaped form like the previous models, but with curves and 2 tones of color. The Console has a black and white tone, the same tone as the Dualsense controller. In size, this is the biggest console that Sony ever made. Its measurement is at around 38.8 x 8 x 26cm (H x W x D) and it weighs 4.5 kg. Some users don’t like this size as a gaming console’s supposed to fit right under your TV. So you may want to make little changes in your gaming corner if you going to get the PS5. But it is undeniable that the 2-tones colors and gigantic size will surely catch any user’s attention. You can place The PS5 horizontally and vertically.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X’s design is somewhat simpler, minimalistic, and sleek. It has a matte black color with a green hue inside the indented cooling vents to recon the Xbox signature color. A rectangular box form makes the console look quite tough and sturdy. It weighs 4.25 kg and has measurements of 15.1 x 15 x 30.1cm. This is a big and gorgeous design compares to past Xbox versions.

It will take some time for you to get used to the new consoles’ design. To be honest, I love both of the designs but the PS5’s design is still more impressive, at least for me.

The Specs

When it comes to specs, Microsoft and Sony have quite similar approaches. However, there are still some key differences between the PS5 and Xbox Series X:

Play Station 5Xbox Series X
Central Processor (CPU)8-core 3.5 GHz AMD Zen 28-core, 3.8 GHz AMD Zen 2
Graphic Processor (GPU)10.3 teraflop AMD RDNA 212.0 teraflop AMD RDNA 2
Storage825 GB custom SSD1 TB custom NVMe SSD
Resolution SupportUp to 8KUp to 8K
Optical Disc DriveUHD 4K Blu-rayUHD 4K Blu-ray
The Specs

Here are some more detailed comparisons:


The central processor CPU of the PS5 is AMD Zen 2 with 8 cores and clocked at 3.5 GHz. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X’s CPU is a custom version of the AMD Zen 2 with 8 cores and clocked at 3.8 GHz. However, with the Xbox Series X running multi-threaded at the same time, so the actual clock speed is about 3.6 GHz. Therefore, there won’t be so many differences in CPU speed between the two consoles.


One of the major differences between these 2 is the graphic processor or GPU. Both of them use AMD RDNA 2 Custom Card, which will deliver the same clock speed regardless of the temperature of the unit or the game you’re playing. However, the PS5’s GPU offer 36 graphics processing units running at 2.23GHz with a speed of 10.28 Teraflops (more than 10 trillion operations / s), while the Xbox Series X’s GPU is slightly better with 52 graphics processing units running at 1,825GHz and offering 12 teraflops. (up to 12 trillion operations / s).


Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will use the UHD 4K Bluray drive, which supports resolutions up to 8K. On top of that, thanks to their powerful GPU and CPU, they will also support 120Hz refresh rates at 4K. But to experience these features, you will need an HDMI 2.1 compliant TV or a 120Hz-enabled monitor.

SSD Storage and Loading Time

The next difference is the SSD hard drive. Both use the most advanced hard drive available today, the NVMe SSD. However, the PS5 will have 825GB in storage, a little less than 1 TB of the Xbox Series X.

But it is a whole new story when it comes to loading time. The SSD on Play Station 5 has a write and read speed of up to 5.5Gb/sec, while the XboxSeries X has only 2.4 Gb/s. This lead to a big difference in in-game loading times between the two consoles, especially with high-graphics and heavy sized games.


The DualSense controller is equipped with a completely new feature: the Haptic feedback, replacing the Dualshock PS4’s Rumble technology. Haptic feedback means that the controller produces different vibrations depending on the in-game circumstances, like driving, shooting, or jumping over obstacles.

In addition, the trigger buttons L2, R2 on the DualSense also have different tension when pressed, thereby simulating the action in the game more authentically. For example, you will feel the triggers become heavier when your game’s character raises a bow to shoot arrows.

Dualsense will still have the same Headphone jack as on the PS4, but this time it also integrates with a Micro. This will allow gamers to communicate with friends without having to wear headphones.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X controller will include a few new features like a dedicated share button for social media and dampers for the triggers. However, the Xbox X controller will have textures that promise to provide more grip than its competitor.


Both PS5 and Xbox Series X have a list of exciting games in all genres that you can play immediately when they go on sale in November. Multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and Dirt 5 will be available on both devices. These games will also be available for Xbox One and PS4, so the exclusive games will be the deciding factor.

The biggest exclusive game that is coming to the Xbox Series X is Halo Infinite. This is the latest and the 6th game of the famous Halo franchise. Unfortunately, its release-date has been delayed to 2021. Therefore, the Xbox Series X currently has very few games in its exclusive collection. Some of the big names are Tetris Effect: Connected, Gears Tactics, Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines, and Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Even loyal Xbox fans are disappointed to see this list of games. They’re great games, but are they engaging enough? Probably not.

Halo Infinity

Sony is a bit better in this area. The PS5 will have a variety of exclusive games when it launches. You will be able to enjoy Demon’s Souls, Destruction All-Stars, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and especially Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We are also looking forward to seeing a lot of new games next year, including God Of War: Ragnarok.

Backward Compatibility

According to Sony, PS5 will be backward compatible with most of the top 100 best PS4 games available today. Therefore, in addition to the PS5 games released in the future, PS5 players will also experience a lot of old games. Similarly, Xbox Series X is also compatible with your Xbox One game library.

In terms of accessories, the next generation Xbox will also be backward compatible with hardware accessories that already support Xbox One. It means that users can use their old controllers or headphones while using the Xbox Series X, but they won’t have all the new features. While on the PS5 side, it is unclear whether the DualShock controller is compatible with PS5 or not.

The Verdict

In short, here’s what you will need to know

  • Both Consoles support up to 8k resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.
  • The Xbox Series X may be better in terms of raw power, but the PS5 has a better loading speed.
  • Both have a big and attractive design. Personally, I think the PS5’s design is more impressive.
  • PS5 will have more exclusive games at launch.
  • For now, the PS5’s DualSense controller seemingly offers more features than the new Xbox controllers. However, the Xbox controllers may offer a more grip texture.
  • Xbox Series X is slightly cheaper than the PS5
  • Both will launch this November

So what is your choice? For me, I will go for the PS5 as I’m a big PlayStation fan. I’d love to see your opinions in the comment!

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