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Each week we will be reviewing one of our favorite games from Apple Arcade. There’s a lot to choose from and this week we shall be reviewing Outlanders by Pomelo Games. Outlanders is a game about building a civilization and following certain goals within a certain amount of days. The concept is a familiar one, but this game is a bit more punishing than it’s fellow strategy games. 

Less is More

So one basic strategy for these kinds of games is to build, build, build. Increase your population as much as possible so you have as many workers as possible to build more and work in your buildings. That’s the meta, however, with Outlanders the population growth is a very fragile process. Grow too fast, you’ll have too many people who can’t be fed. This results in people starving and if it’s not dealt with really soon, they’ll die.

But surely if I’m growing my civilization at a steady rate, then all the new people will be able to help out, right? Well, with Outlanders, no. New people adding to your population, come in the form of babies. Useless hungry babies. This makes food a sorely needed resource whether your population is 4 or 40. 

It’s a truly delicate balance, but that is the balance that separates this game from all the others. You can easily recover from half your village dying. However, the time limit is what really keeps you on your toes. After a couple of bouts of losses, it could be far too tough to meet your goals.

The Pros

The game is straightforward and so simple to understand. There’s a brief tutorial at the beginning, but that’s it. New goals will appear with buildings that you don’t know, but the requirements for those buildings are very clear. There was never a moment where I felt confused about what was happening.

On top of that, the graphics are nice, the levels are well designed and the gameplay is addictive. There is a steep curve in your difficulty that makes every level equally challenging as the last without making you feel too stumped.

The Cons

Unfortunately there are some cons, things that I’m sure they must be working on in future updates to ensure players are happy. The first one for me, was that it was way too short. I loved this game, even more than INMOST, it kept me addicted and Iwas looking forward to more and more challenges. But sadly, the game felt half finished which was a huge disappointment. Does this make me not want to play it anymore? Absolutely not. But it does make me wish there was more to it and I’ll be keeping an eye out for future updates.

One more disappointment is the lack of a sandbox mode for the game. I could play this endlessly, honestly. Having a huge city thrive because I’ve taken my time to grow an empire, would be amazing. I can understand to some extent as the maps have limited resources, but hopefully in the future there will be maps big enough so that wouldn’t matter.

The Verdict

I highly recommend this game, this is one of those gems that usually flies under the radar. But fortunately, thanks to Apple Arcade, it has the attention it deserves. Admittedly there are some kinks that need to be smoothed out, but hopefully we’re just one update away from an amazing game. Either way, I’m sold!

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