How to Optimize your iPhone 12 Battery

iPhone 12 is finally here! If you are an iPhone lover, you will enjoy pretty much everything about this piece of art. However, you might still have to face one issue: Poor battery life. Like all types of batteries, your iPhone 12 battery health is not going to be at 100% forever. But, your iPhone can still deliver peak performance, even when it’s below that “perfect percentage”. No worries, our tips below will help you optimize your iPhone 12 battery.

Enable Optimized Battery Charging 

Optimized iPhone 12 battery charging

Back in the days, iOS 13 was introduced with this new feature that actually increased the lifespan of your battery. Here’s how to turn on optimized battery charging:

Settings > Battery > Battery Health

With this feature on, your iPhone will keep its battery below 80% until a full charge is needed, reducing unnecessary battery aging. And, if you want a full charge, tap the “Charge Now” option.

Use Dark Mode

Dark mode is always my go-to choice and I’m glad Apple finally introduced it in iOS 13. According to a recent test, the dark mode can actually extend your iPhone’s battery life by 30%. Therefore, using this mode for longer periods helps to reduce the stress on your iPhone’s battery. Plus, dark mode is not only good for your iPhone’s battery but also soothes to your eyes. So, I guess it’s a win-win situation!

Reduce Your iPhone Motion Effects

iPhones use motion effects to create the perception of depth on the Home screen and within apps. Motion effects on iOS are great, but it also has a negative effect on your iPhone battery life. Therefore, if you don’t care much about motion effects, then turning it off is the right choice. 

To turn off motion effects: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Select Motion, then turn on Reduce Motion.

Adjust your Background App Refresh settings

Background App Refresh was first introduced in iOS 7. As the name implies, it allows your apps to check for updates even when they are not running on the screen. However, Background App Refresh is a battery killer. In fact, too many apps refreshing themselves in the background takes up a large amount of your iPhone’s power, thus slowing down your device. So, it’s a good idea to turn it off.

Go to Setting > General > Background App Refresh

Next, scroll down and turn off background app refresh for apps that don’t need it. Plus, set your background app refresh to Wi-fi or Wi-fi & Cellular data only.

Turn Off Precise Location & Significant Location 

iOS 14 comes with a new feature called “Precise location”. This is actually a useful one. However, for applications that don’t need this, your phone will just use more energy and data to track down your location instead of using an approximate location. So, here is what you should do:

Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Here, you can see which apps are now using your location. Enable this feature for apps that don’t require precise location.

Other Small Tips

  • Avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Use original or MFi certified chargers.
  • Do not let your battery drain completely.
  • Don’t bother quitting apps.
  • Fully charge your iPhone to 100% and then completely drain out at least once a month.

There you go, now you have our best tips to optimize your iPhone 12 battery. Plus, with the iOS 14 battery drain reported recently, we all hope that the upcoming iOS will help users optimize their device power more effectively. Are you experiencing a battery issue with your iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

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