Microsoft Office for Mac gets dark mode and support for Continuity Camera

Apple macOS is one of the most advanced operating systems in the world. macOS now powers hundreds of millions of Mac devices on the market. Apple’s desktop OS is getting smarter and better every year when Apple releases new software updates. This year, Apple announced macOS Mojave at its WWDC event after months of anticipation. macOS Mojave is not a significant upgrade over its predecessors, but there are still tons of new things under the hood. Starting with macOS Sierra, Apple finally opens its operating system to third-party developers, offers new ways to interact with apps and services.

One of the most used third-party apps in macOS is Microsoft Office. In reality, Office has been available for Mac since 2010, and Microsoft has been adding new features to it on a regular basis. In 2015, Microsoft announced Office 2016 that helped put it in line with its Windows counterpart. Office for Mac is now more visually appealing and smarter than before. The coolest part is that Office for Mac now supports cloud storage services, allowing users to edit documents and files across all devices.

Microsoft today announced an update for its Office for Mac following months of beta testing. The new update adds support for dark mode and Continuity Camera. In reality, Dark mode is one of the biggest additions to macOS Mojave, allowing users to turn almost everything into a dark color.

Dark mode is something that’s been demanded for years and Apple finally made it official. We are expecting to see an official dark mode in iOS in the coming months. In iOS, Apple added a new feature called Smart Invert Colors, which inverts the user interface while preserving apps, graphics, and images. Smart Invert Colors may satisfy some fans who are looking forward to seeing an official app in iOS.

With Continuity Camera support, you now can import photos from your iOS device to your PowerPoint presentation. However, the feature is only available in PowerPoint, and Microsoft is working on a wider rollout of the feature. Microsoft says that all new changes will be coming to Office 365 for Mac. And users need to update the app to get support. In reality, Apple has its own editing tool called iWork, which offers similar features. However, Microsoft Office is having its upper hand over iWork thanks to its exciting features.

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