Office 365 for Mac requires macOS Sierra or newer, Says Microsoft

Microsoft Office is one of the most used programs for Windows-based PCs. Microsoft has been improving its Office software since the launch day to offer a better user experience. Microsoft is also expanding its Office to more platforms, one of which includes Apple macOS.

Microsoft Office has been available for macOS for years, allowing Mac owners to access the full features. In 2011, the Redmond company launched Office 365 software following months of beta testing. Basically, Office 365 is a subscription service that allows you to access everything you can expect from Microsoft Office.

Office 365 is now available for Mac for $12.50 per year. With Office 365, you can access a full set of tools that help you work better and edit your documents or presentations at any time. According to sources, Microsoft has been working on Office 2019 for Mac and Windows PC.

In July 2018, the Redmond company announced the Office 2019 preview for Mac, offering users a quick look into what’s coming into the final build. However, it remains unknown when we are seeing an official release of Office 2019. Sources claim that Office 2019 will see a global rollout later this year.

Microsoft announced that all the features found in Office 2019 will be coming to Office 365 subscribers for Mac. However, Microsoft claims that you need a Mac model running macOS Sierra or higher.

According to Microsoft, the updates will be available for all Mac users starting next month. Office 2019 brings in a number of new features including focus mode, Morph transitions, in-click sequence, and 4K video export in PowerPoint. Sources claim that Microsoft will add more features to Office 2019 when it launches to the public.

In reality, macOS has its own office suite called iWork. Basically, iWork allows you to create amazing work thanks to its support for a wide range of templates and designs. However, iWork still lacks some important features. Apple has been improving iWork for years, but the company still has a lot of work to do to take on Microsoft Word.

Tech experts claim that Microsoft Office is still the best office suite you can use right now. Microsoft has been improving its Office on a semi-regular basis, adding more features and revamping the existing ones.

Apple macOS is getting better every year. At this year’s WWDC event, Apple announced macOS Mojave that includes a lot of new things we want to see from Apple. At this year’s September event, Apple is expected to announce new MacBook Air models. Apple MacBook Air lineup has not seen a significant upgrade in recent years.

According to sources, the upcoming MacBook Air will feature a Retina display, making it the first Air model with Apple’s display technology. Besides, Apple will announce a new MacBook Pro at the event. Back in July, Apple debuted a new MacBook Pro with much-improved Retina display and Coffee Lake processors.

However, the new Pro models were not widely welcomed by users and tech experts worldwide. Apple needs something new to boost sales this year.

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