New Useful Features of macOS Monterey

Apple has shown us the preview of its latest macOS version, the Monterey. Apple promises that the new operating system version will allow for more fluid workflow, so users can get things done much more quickly. It will be packed with useful features that allow users to be more productive than ever. After upgrading to the macOS Monterey, you will get the following new features, updates and enhancements:

Redesigned Safari

In its current state, Safari is known for high performance and the browsing experience will be enhanced with brand-new tab design. As users scroll through the pages, they will see more content. The new tab bar has a compact design that combines search field, tool bar and tabs. Tab Groups will make it easy to manage and save tabs. It is convenient because any configuration you do to Tab Groups will also apply to Mac, iPad and iPhone that you use daily.

Shortcuts Editor

With shortcuts, users can optimize their productivity and they can accomplish tasks quicker. The macOS Monterey already comes with a gallery of shortcuts, but you can take things further by customising shortcuts with the Editor. Shortcuts that you use will be integrated in macOS, including Siri, Spotlight, Finder and menu bar. Regardless of the app you use, it is very easy to run your shortcuts.

Improved Notes

Notes is a simple app and it has been helping many Mac users to organise their thoughts and stay productive. With Quick Note, you may jot down notes quickly and capture ideas anywhere, regardless of the device you use. In Quick Note, users can easily add links and it can integrate seamlessly with Safari, as they explore the web to get useful information. When collaborating with co-workers and friends, you can share notes and categorise each note with tags, so you can find them easier later.

New audio and video features in FaceTime

When using FaceTime, enhanced audio and video features should make interactions feel more lifelike and natural. A FaceTime call with spatial audio enabled will feel much natural because the sound comes from where the person is. The Voice Isolation feature uses machine learning feature to significantly minimize background noise and enhance user’s voice. The Wide Spectrum feature makes all the intended sounds to be more crystal clear, so participants will hear everything. It takes advantage of the M1 chip with its built-in Apple Neural Engine for high performance AI capabilities.


SharePlay is a powerful tool to share content and personal experience when interacting through FaceTime. Users can share movies, TV shows, music, projects and other files with family and friends. It will be convenient to listen to music or watch a movie together. This feature will also improve workplace productivity for sharing documents, spreadsheets and other work-related files.

Universal Control

Universal Control allows users to use only one set of keyboard and mouse when working with a Mac and an iPad. They only need to move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to switch to another device. There’s no need to configure devices and it will be a seamless experience.

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