Apple Watch Series 4 has been out there for months and we have heard some of the problems users are facing with Apple’s latest generation smartwatch. In reality, Series 4 is a huge improvement over its predecessor, with ECG app, bigger screen, and better health features. However, there is exception to everything and Series 4 is no different.

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With that in mind, we are here to help. We made a list of all the known Apple Watch Series 4 issues and possible fixes. Before we go any further, we recommend you update your Watch, as a new software update tends to fix bugs and errors as well as boosts the performance.

Pairing Problems

One of the most obvious benefits of the Apple Watch 4 lies in the ability to connect to an iPhone in a blink of an eye. Indeed, with a few simple steps, you get access to some of the best aspects of Apple’s ecosystem like Siri support, music playback control, and many more.

However, there are times when things don’t go as planned and your Apple Watch fails to speak with your iPhone. This pairing issue seems to affect a lot of users out there. If you are happen to sit in the group, then we are here to help.

In reality, there are several workarounds for getting your Apple Watch working again. However, we recommend you reboot your smartwatch and start re-pairing. To do this, hold down the button on your Watch, then use the slider to turn off your device and hit the Power button to boot up your smartwatch. Once everything is ready, try pairing your Apple Watch with an iPhone.

Fall Detection Not Working

Fall Detection is one of the biggest additions to the Apple Watch Series 4. Basically, when a fall occurs, your Watch will display an alert. From there, you can quickly contact emergency services. While this is a great feature, one major drawback is that it sometimes stops working.

One of the most annoying things when it comes to Fall Detection is that it is not enabled by default unless you’re 65 years old. That means you need to set your age in the Health app to 65. In reality, Apple does not allow you to enable Fall Detection during Apple Watch setup, which is a little bit disappointing.

If Fall Detection stops working on your Watch, then try disabling it and then turn it back on. To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone and then select Emergency SOS, Now, turn off the switch for Fall Detection for at least 10 seconds and then enable it to see if the problem is fixed.

LTE Problems

The Apple Watch Series 4 retains LTE connectivity from its predecessor, allowing users to use their smartwatch as a standalone device. However, we have heard complaints that Apple Watch 4 LTE is not working on select carriers like Vodafone or T-Mobile.

Luckily, there is a fix for the problem. A lot of users say that setting up LTE after you pair your watch with iPhone may do the trick.

Battery Life Problems

Apple Watch Series 4 can last up to 18 hours of battery life. That’s the same battery capacity as the third-generation Apple Watch. However, a lot of users are reporting a rapid battery drain every time they update their Watch. If you have recently noticed that your Watch is running out on battery quickly, then we can help you out.

The first solution is to turn off Bluetooth when you no longer need. In reality, keeping Bluetooth enabled all the time drains your battery very quickly. If the problem still persists, try turning off heart rate monitoring. To do this, open the Watch app, then select Workout, and select Power Saving Mode.

These are the most common Apple Watch Series 4 problems and possible fixes. Apple Watch Series 5 is on the way this year, with rumors hinting at the impressive features coming to the next generation Apple Watch. For more details, you can check out our article here.

If you are dealing with another Series 4 problem, then let us know in the comments below.