Messages App in macOS Big Sur: What’s New?

The new macOS Big Sur is full of new and redesigned features that make for a better user experience. And, the Messages app gets a revamp in macOS Big Sur, making it reliable means of communication across Apple devices. So, let’s take a look at what’s new in the Messages app in macOS Big Sur!

More Tools

message effects in Messages

Apple has made tons of improvements for the tools in the Messages app in order to increase its user experience. Now, there is a new icon located on the left of the text box which offers quick access to your pictures in the Photos app, emoji stickers, message effects, and #images (open a searchable library of gifs) instantly.

New Memoji


Speaking of emoji, now Mac users can create Memoji on their device. In case you didn’t know, Memoji is a personalized Animoji. Honestly, it’s pretty much an Apple version of Snapchat’s Bitmoji or Samsung’s AR Emoji.

These Animoji can look exactly like you (or a version of you with, new skin color, a new hairstyle, or a hat). With the Memoji editor, you can customize your Memoji stickers and use them for graphical communication. Additionally, macOS Big Sur also syncs existing Memoji from your iPhone and iPad to the Mac so you continue where you left off.

Better Search

Now, searching in the Messages app has been entirely redesigned to help users quickly find what they are looking for in the message list. On top of that, search results are grouped into Conversations with the search term highlighted. Also, there are sections for Links (website URLs) and Photos right below it.

Message Organization

Now, Mac users can pin conversations to the top of their messages list for quick access. In reality, you can pin up to 9 conversations in Messages. Plus, your pins also appear on your iPhone and iPad.

Follow these steps to pin a conversation in Messages on your Macs:

  1. Right-click on a conversation in your message list.
  2. Then, select Pin
  3. If you want to unpin a conversation, right-click on it and select Unpin.

Like the iOS version, now you can directly reply to a specific message in group conversations with inline replies. Furthermore, you can change feature images for group conversations to make them stand out in your listing. 

Unfortunately, there is still no direct way to unsend or delete messages. So, we really hope to see this in the next macOS Big Sur update.

What do you think of the Messages app in macOS Big Sur? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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