MagSafe on iPhone 12: Things You Need To Know

At the Hi, Speed event, alongside the new iPhone 12 lineup, Apple brought back the MagSafe charger. This technology puts the iPhone 12 lineup in line with a series of phones that support magnet wireless charging. MagSafe also offers a range of new accessories. So what exactly is MagSafe and what can it do? Let’s find out.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe on iPhone 12 is a new technology, designed to enhance the wireless charging experience. It is a new way to charge the iPhone without the need for cables. The new charger will have a magnet in the case. Your phone will be charged as soon as the charger is attached to it. In other words, this is quite similar to how you charge your Apple Watch.

How Does It Work?

Apple has explained how the new component inside the iPhone 12 will help activate MagSafe. The phone has a layer of graphite-copper, a magnet pad, coated with polycarbonates, a charging core, an electrical layer, and an NFC component. In the middle, there will be an alignment magnet. This magnet is placed in the middle to ensure optimal alignment when attached to the charger, thus maximizing charging efficiency.

Is MagSafe for iPhone Fast?

MagSafe has a maximum charging speed of 15W. This isn’t the best charging speed out there, but it beats Apple’s previous Qi wireless charging (7.5W).

Supporting Accessories

At the time of the iPhone 2020 launch, Apple also released two chargers with MagSafe technology. The standard Charger can be used to charge the iPhone 12, and the Duo Charger allows users to charge both the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch at the same time.

In addition, there are some genuine Apple accessories that support this new charging way:

– General phone cases: These are suitable for users who want to get a grip on the phone while showing off its color.  You just need to attach the charger to the back of the phone to charge. They come in both silicone and clear polycarbonate to suit your needs.

– Leather wallet cases: These cases are very convenient as you can store your money, credit card, or ID inside them. They are snapped directly on the back of the phone so they won’t be bulky. Just attach the charger to it and your Phone will get charged without loss or delay.

– Leather cases: They will automatically detect when the iPhone is inside them and turns on clock mode (only shows time) on the phone screen.

There will be more accessories on the way. Apple also announced that it will work with different partners to release more accessories for its iPhone lineup. The first partner revealed at the event was Belkin.

Does MagSafe Come with iPhone 12?

Unfortunately, like the fast charger and the earpods this year, you will have to buy the MagSafe charger and accessories separately. Apple has already offered a price for them:

  • MagSafe Chargers will cost $ 39.99.
  • Leather wallet cases will cost $ 59.99.
  • The silicone and clear polycarbonate cases will cost $ 49.99.
  • MagSafe Duo Charger will be available soon.

There you go! This is what you need to know about the MagSafe charger. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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