macOS vs Windows: Which One Is Better?

macOS and Windows are the 2 most popular operating systems out there. The competition between macOS and Windows has never come to an end, with both OS being constantly improved. To be honest, it is really hard to tell which platform is better, and it will depend on the user’s personal perspective.

So if you are going to buy a new computer, it could be quite hesitating to choose between them. In this article, let’s see how they stack up against each other.

User Interface

Back in the days, macOS’s interface was rated higher thanks to its clean and simple design. However, Windows is now much more elegant and coherent, it can be said that it almost looks no less than macOS in terms of interface design. Therefore, whether you prefer Windows 10 user interface or not all comes down to personal preferences.

Windows interfac
Windows interface

I will call this a Tie between the 2 operating system


In terms of stability, macOS is rated higher than Windows.

Third-party apps and third-party drivers are the main reasons that lead to the instability of Windows PCs. Also, if you are a long-time Windows user, you may find it common to see the “Blue screen of death” on your PCs.

Meanwhile, Apple controls the hardware ecosystem as well as strictly limits third-party apps on macOS. Instead, they have developed exclusively well-optimized drivers and software for Macs, thereby increasing its stability.

macOS is much more stable
macOS is much more stable


When it comes to security, macOS clearly has its upper hand when compared to Windows.

macOS has better security
macOS has better security

In recent years, a lot of Windows PCs have become prey to far more malware than Macs. This includes ransomware, spyware, botnets, and old-fashioned viruses. However, it doesn’t mean that macOS is 100% safe from threats and you will need good antivirus software to protect your computer no matter which OS it is running on.


Windows is the best OS for gaming. You can customize your Windows PC with powerful components to enhance your gaming experience. Meanwhile, Macs are not designed for gaming. Also, you are going to install Boot Camp if you want to play games on your Mac, which is quite exhausting.

Windows PCs allow internal customization
Windows PCs allow internal customization

In addition, compatibility is also a big factor that makes the Mac a bad choice for gaming. Even though you can still get some good games on Mac, most of the top-tier games are simply not compatible with this operating system.


Apple Macs never come cheap, while there are different price tiers when it comes to Windows computers. For students and casual users with limited budget, an affordable Windows PC/Laptop will be a much better choice. It still can handle your daily works and entertainment needs.

MacBook is more expensive
MacBook is more expensive

Once again, I will call it a Tie between these two

The Verdict

That’s my personal comparison between macOS and Windows. Each operating system has its own advantages. One can be better at specific criteria, but overall, it’s hard to say which one is better.

As mentioned, it will really depend on a personal perspective to decide which OS is better. For me, as a long time gamer, Windows is clearly my favorite operating system. What about you, which one do you think is the best operating system? Let me know in the comments!

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