macOS 11 Big Sur: What We Know So Far

Apple delivered the macOS Big Sur 11.01 beta for testing purposes among developers. It’s a replacement for the macOS Big Sur 11 Beta 10, which Apple released weeks ago. Developers may download the latest macOS Big Sur in the Apple Developer Center. With the installation of appropriate profiles, further beta releases should be available. Instead of releasing the beta 11, Apple uses a new beta version naming. This may indicate that the operating system is ready for the actual release. After the actual release, the macOS Big Sur should add a noticeably refreshed design for the Mac-based systems.

There will be a complete overhaul of the macOS interface. We will get changes in the windows corner curvature, system sounds and dock icons. It will look more modern and lighter. The Control Center will be customizable, similar to the Control Center of iOS. Despite challenges posed by this year, we could be certain that the release of the Big Sur will be imminent. But, you need to be certain that your device can support the Big Sur. MacBook 2015 or newer, MacBook Pro 2013 or newer, MacBook Air 2013 or newer, iMac 2014 or newer, Mac Mini 2014 or newer, Mac Pro 2013 or newer and all versions of iMac Pro should support the new operating system.

Before attempting to install Big Sur, you need to make sure that your device supports it. Older devices may potentially be able to run the Big Sur, but with reduced performance and functionality. If your Mac is about to reach or already reaches its cut-off date, like MacBook Air 2013, there will be some issues. Its performance would be sub-par when running the new macOS 11 Big Sur. This new operating system is also an important milestone for Apple, because it will support both Intel and Apple’s ARM processors. Even so, Apple has promised to provide support for Mac devices. In this article, we have collected all new features that you can get from macOS 11 Big Sur

Notification Center

The Notification Center will look completely new with its revamped iOS-style widgets. These widgets should be available in different sizes. Apple also groups interactive notification by apps. This should make it easy for users to track things.


macOS 11 Big Sur promises battery-efficient and faster Safari web browser. This should be a real benefit for any MacBook user. It is possible to customize the start page with wallpapers. There are sections that include iCloud Tabs and Reading List. It means, Safari is better for individual requirements. Tabs will have webpage previews that increase usability and experience. If you regularly visit foreign webpages, there’s an integrated language translation functionality. When you open YouTube videos on the new Safari, you can finally set it to 4k resolution. The biggest change is probably the ability to port extensions from Firefox and Chrome to Safari. For better privacy, you can choose what extensions should work for specific websites. The Privacy Report is another new Safari feature that tells what trackers that Safari blocks when visiting certain websites.


The Message in macOS 11 is now quite similar to its iOS counterpart. There are supports for Memoji creation, inline replies, mentions and pinned conversations. The overhauled search feature makes it easy for you to find conversations, photos and links.


macOS 11 Big Sur comes with improved Maps app that includes Guides, indoor maps and Look Around. You can get a list of restaurants, attractions and other places that are relevant to your personal preferences. The software works better for electric vehicles and cycling. You can send the planned route from macOS device to your iPhone. The app will share ETA updates that you can view on the Mac.

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