macOS 10.15 preview: New TV app, iPhone apps support, and more

macOS has been out there for years and powers hundreds of millions of Mac computers and laptops on the market. macOS receives new software updates every year, making it smarter and better. Last year, the current macOS Mojave is not a significant upgrade as it comes with small improvements, which is why we expect to see something exciting in macOS 10.15.

The next-generation macOS has been on everyone’s lips for months, hinting at the impressive features coming to macOS 10.15. In the section below, we detailed everything we expect to see in the next macOS version.

First, release date

We are now just a few days away from WWDC, one of the biggest events in Apple calendar. Apple usually uses the event to showcase new software updates and initiatives for its products. macOS 10.15 will take the center stage at this year’s event along with iOS 13.

Apple officially confirmed that this year’s event will kick off on June 4 and run through June 7 in San Jose, California. We expect the keynote will take place on Monday at 10 a.m. PT. And Apple will live-stream the event across its devices. Apple says that its live stream will be best viewed on Safari web browser.

Marzipan Apps

We expect Apple will pour a lot of love into macOS 10.15 at this year’s event. We have heard rumors that the next-generation macOS will include standalone Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV apps. This is something Mac owners have a craze for.

Earlier this month, Apple announced a redesigned TV app, which was first introduced back in March. The new TV app includes a revamped UI and support for a new lineup of paid channels, including HBO, Showtime, and Starz. This means that you can subscribe to your favorite channels directly from the TV app.

One major drawback is that the TV app does not support Apple’s lineup of Mac computers. A reliable source recently confirmed that the TV app is on the way to Macs, but there is no word on which Mac models will get the TV app. Plus, customers with eligible Macs might be able to play content from their computers to smart TVs using AirPlay 2.

The TV app will be made using Marzipan, Apple’s new technology that allows the firm to port its iPad and iPhone apps to Mac models without having to change too many codes. Plus, the new TV app on macOS 10.15 will feature the same rows and sections as what we have already seen on iPhone and smart TVs. However, Apple will make some tweaks to the UI to make it more compatible with macOS.

Cross-platform apps

Mac’s stock apps are lagging behind their iOS counterparts. This does not sound fair as the Messages app on Mac seems outdated when compared to the iOS version. In reality, you still can send and receive text messages on your Mac, but to be honest, I’d rather text on my iPhone than on a Mac.

We have heard rumors that Apple has been working on a new universal feature that facilitates the porting of iPhone apps to the Mac. There are also reports that developers will be able to design apps that work with both touchscreen and mouse and keyboard.

Besides, we are expecting to see more iOS features on Mac. For instance, Screen Time is my favorite iOS app and I’d love to see it on macOS 10.15. If you are a parent, Screen Time helps you manage the time your kids spend on smartphones, which is pretty cool.

Also, we have heard rumors that iMessage Screen Effects are coming to macOS 10.15. This is something I’d love to see in the next -generation macOS. If this is the case, Mac owners will be able to see full-screen effects like Balloons, Echo, lasers, and more.

A new Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has millions of apps for your Mac. However, it has not received a real love in recent years. In reality, Apple redesigned the Mac App Store last year, making it better and more visually appealing. But, as a Mac user, I expect to see more in the Mac App Store when macOS 10.15 releases to the public.

Plus, we expect that Apple will tighten the grip on apps that are outside the Mac Store. In reality, macOS is now more vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks, so I’d love to see Apple add more security to third-party apps.

Wrapping Up

macOS 10.15: what we expect

New Music, Podcasts, and Book apps

TV app for Mac

Use an iPad as an external display

iPhone and iPad apps on Mac

New Mac App Store

iMessage effects

Screen Time

macOS 10.15 is expected to bring about a significant update over macOS Mojave. It’s early to tell what exactly Apple will include in the next-generation macOS. We have to wait and see.

Let us know your thoughts on macOS 10.15 in the section below.

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