13.3 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar ( mid-2017) review: Thinner, lighter and more power

Apple MacBook ranks among the best laptops you can buy right now. Year by year, the Cupertino company rolls out new MacBook models with a lot of changes and new features. This year, Apple has finally baked Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors into its MacBook Pro lineup of laptops, making it tough rival that challenges Windows-based laptops.

The mid-2017, 13.3 inch MacBook Pro retains the same design from the last year’s model, while introducing a processor update and a bigger RAM under the hood. This year, Apple has a daring change, which lies in the removal of the SD card slot. Apple’s move aims to make the device much thinner and lighter than the last year’s model.

If you are planning to grab the latest 13.3 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar this year, make sure you check out our review. Before we begin, note that the new 13.3 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar retails for $1,799 in the US.

  1. Design

Apple MacBook family has not seen a significant design change for years, and that’s no different with this year’s 13.3 inch MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro retains what’s the best of Apple MacBook Pro family’s design, with a unibody aluminum shell.

The new MacBook Pro ranks among the most beautiful laptops we have ever seen in recent years. The new laptop is still available in space gray and silver colors. Apple was previously rumored to announce a rose gold MacBook Pro model this year, but it was nowhere to be found at launch.

When it comes to the device’s screen, Apple continues to use the company’s well-known display technology, Retina on this year’s MacBook Pro lineup. However, the Cupertino company has added its P3 color gamut to the technology, thereby offering a sharper picture quality and more details.

The 13.3 inch MacBook Pro is super thin and light, allowing the machine to sit comfortably in your backpack. The keys on the new 13.3 inch MacBook Pro are large, so you won’t miss a single press.

  1. Touch ID and Touch Bar

Touch Bar is among the highlights of Apple MacBook Pro. First introduced on the 2016 MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar replaces the function keys and adapts to what apps you are using on your machine.

With this year’s MacBook models, the new Touch Bar still sits at the top of the keyboard and acts as a contextual multi-touch display on your Mac. The Touch Bar is pretty fast at adapting to which apps you are now using on your machine, thus offering a better way to interact with apps.

Touch ID has been available on MacBook Pro since 2016. Touch ID basically works just like it does on iPhone, allowing you to quickly unlock your Mac and authenticate your Apple Pay purchases.

  1. Performance and battery life

Apple MacBook Pro is pretty reliable when it comes to performance, all made possible by macOS and a powerful processor inside. The 13.3 inch MacBook Pro is powered by Intel’s latest processors and includes super speedy SSDs inside. When it comes to battery life, the new MacBook Pro offers up to 6 hours when handling 1080p videos at 50% brightness, which is pretty impressive for a laptop with bright screen and powerful processor.

The 13.3 inch MacBook Pro is a good laptop for those users who are looking for a thin, light and premium laptop. However, with a high price tag, you can easily grab a Window-powered laptop that offers more power.

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What do you think of the new 13.3 inch MacBook Pro? Let us know in the comments below.

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