Macbook Pro sound not working

If the sound is not working on your MacBook Pro, there are a number of things you can try to fix it. It is unlikely to be a hardware problem, so it is worth trying all the software fixes first.

How fix Macbook Pro Sound Not Working Problems

Make sure the sound is not Muted

If the sound is muted, you won’t be able to hear it! It’s a pretty obvious one…but worth checking that the volume is not all the way down.

You can use your Mac’s Volume keys, or control the volume by the System Preferences Sound control panel instead.

Reset PRAM

Restart the Mac while holding down Command, Option, P, and R. Keep holding them down until the computer starts and chimes. Keep them held down until it chimes again, now release the keys.

See our instructions on how to reset PRAM.

Reset SMC

See our instructions on how to reset the SMC.

Check the output source

In System Preferences, check that you haven’t got external speakers/headphones connected that are selected as the output source. Ensure Internal Speakers are selected instead.

Flip the Microswitch

If you see a small red light inside the headphone port, plug the headphone in and out of the port 5 or 6 times to flip the microswitch inside. Sound output may be stuck in the digital mode.

Other Ways to Fix Macbook Pro Sound Not Working

Still no luck?

If none of our suggestions have solved your not working sound, try taking your MacBook Pro back to your Apple Store for a diagnosis from Apple.