MacBook Air 2018: Everything we know so far

MacBook lineup of laptops is a great success on the market with millions of units sold every quarter. Despite small design changes, new MacBook laptops come with a slew of under-the-hood improvements. In July, Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro series by introducing two models with eighth-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ Intel processors and T2 controller chip. However, 2018 MacBook Pro models received mostly negative reviews, with most users criticizing their keyboard issues.

Sources say that Apple needs something special this year to boost its laptop sales performance seeing that its MacBook lineup is falling behind Windows-based devices. Some reliable sources claim that Windows 10 is four times more popular than Apple’s Mac. And the reason for the recent drop in MacBook sales is its unwelcome price hike. In reality, prices have seen a steady rise across Apple’s various MacBook ranges in recent years, with the newly-released 13-inch MacBook Pro seeing its price tag bumped to $1,599 – an increase of $300 on what we paid for its predecessor last year.

According to tech experts, Apple has been working on a new MacBook Air and will launch it later this year. In reality, Apple MacBook Air lineup has not seen a major hardware upgrade for years, which has suggested that Apple may discontinue the Air series. Sources claim that the new MacBook Air will come with a lot of new things that have been demanded for a long time. In the section below, we have rounded up everything we know so far about the new MacBook Air from reliable reports to rumors found scattered around the web.

  1. Release date

Apple was previously rumored to announce its new MacBook Air at WWDC event in June, but it was nowhere to be found. Sources say that Apple needs more time to work on its new Air laptops in an attempt to offer an exceptional experience. However, it’s been 4 months since the opening day of WWDC and nothing happens.

MacBook Air

Last month, sources said that the new MacBook Air would steal the spotlight at Apple’s annual September event. However, the event belonged to new iPhone models. In reality, we have heard a lot of rumors that Apple will announce its new MacBook Air in late October. If this is not the case, we won’t see a new MacBook Air in 2018 as Apple may push the release to March 2019.

  1. Price

MacBook Air

A lot of sources claim that 2018 MacBook Air will be cheaper than its predecessors. The 13-inch MacBook Air with Intel Core i5 and 128GB SSD storage now retails for $999, while the model with 256GB SSD storage costs an extra $200. Some recent reports claim that Apple will lower prices on its MacBook Air this year, with the starting model seeing its tag bumped down to $899 in the US. If this is the case, Apple will meet the huge demand for its new Air, which will help grow MacBook profits later this year.

  1. Hardware upgrade

Apple MacBook Air has not received a notable hardware update for three years as Apple focuses on its Pro lineup. We have heard a lot of speculation that the 2018 MacBook Air will use 8th generation Intel’s Core processors, a huge boost when compared to the current Air models. The new chip is promising an improved performance when it comes to multitasking. Last month, sources claimed that the new MacBook Air might come with Touch Bar at launch. However, Apple has no driving reason to bring its touch-based OLED bar to the Air series, instead, taking it away as a selling point of the Pro lineup.

MacBook Air

According to rumors, Apple will announce a MacBook Air with an ARM processor later this year, meaning that the device will be faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient than the current models. However, the model will not be ready until 2019 as Apple is struggling to deal with supply issues.

When it comes to the display, the new MacBook Air is expected to come with a Retina display. This helps the new Air stand in line with its Pro models on the market. Sources claim that the new Air will sport a Retina display that offers a better picture quality and more details. Besides, the device will feature a USB-C port for fast charging, making it the first MacBook model with this technology.

With a lot of contradictory rumors, it’s hard to tell what’s coming into the new MacBook Air. If you have got any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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