How to Do Free Mac Data Recovery Up to 2GB

Data recovery is becoming increasingly important as our personal and official data moves to more and more device types. As a result, events like drive damage, accidental deletion, corrupt files are also on the rise, putting data loss concerns at an all-time high. This is as true of the Mac environment as it is of Windows.

In such a scenario, having the right tools for Windows and Mac data recovery is an essential part of living in the digital era. Unfortunately there are too many tools that make big promises but deliver poor results. Data recovery is a painstaking and exact process, and only a few tools exist that can do the job well and have your data in working order after recovery. One such software application we’ve come across is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

Available in free and premium editions, this is one of the most functional data recovery utilities you’re likely to find for your Mac. And if you’re a new user or you just have a small amount of data to be recovered from your Mac OS X or macOS machine, the free version will be more than adequate with its 2GB limit.

What Do You Get with the Free Version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac?

With most software, you’ll notice that the free version is seriously lacking in functionality. For example, a lot of password recovery tools will only let you see a few characters of the recovered password unless you purchase and activate the license. With this data recovery tool, you get all the functions of the premium versions, albeit with a limit on how much data you can recover. We think that’s a better model for marketing a product because it doesn’t leave the customer hanging. It shows you exactly what can be done with the software, not just tease you with what it could do if you paid money.

The free version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac offers full recovery under various conditions of data loss: formatted or damaged drive, deleted data and nearly every other data loss condition. Besides, it doesn’t matter what device your data is stored in, that means you can recovery from a portable video player, an iPod, your digital camera, SSD and many more.

It is also not restricted to certain file types. Most data recovery utilities can’t recover things like IPA or DMG files for mobile and desktop software installations, but EaseUS DRW Free can do that as well as conventional media and document files of multiple formats. The wide coverage also extends to Mac versions, so whether you’re running Mac OS X 10.6 or the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave, this software has got you covered.

Some of the new features on version 11.8 of this utility include better quality of recovered .flac files, saving recovered data to a cloud service, support for PDF preview, an automatic filter for hidden and system files, quicker scanning of HFS and HFS+ drive partitions and, more importantly, full support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

EaseUS also has another great product you may want to try, which is a specialized application for hard drive recovery. It has been thoroughly tested with all the top HDD brands in the market, like Seagate, Sandisk, Samsung, Toshiba and many others. Using the phenomenon of data remanence or persistence of data on a drive, the utility quickly and painlessly recovers nearly any file type from your hard drive that’s been lost for whatever reason.

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