M1 Mac Mini Bluetooth issues – How to fix

So Apple finally introduced its new ARM-based Mac models. With several upgrades in the specs and performance, the new M1 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini have received a lot of praise from users. However, like any other technology product, they still have some issues in both software and hardware. In fact, some M1 Mac Mini users have reported that they run into Bluetooth connectivity issues. So what causes these issues and how to deal with them? Here is what we know so far.

The Story So far

In the past few days, some Reddit users have posted about the Bluetooth issues on the new M1 Mac mini. Specifically, they are unable to get a reliable connection for all sorts of Bluetooth earphones including the AirPods. Some other users also complained that their Mac fails to connect to their Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, whether it is a Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, or other third-party products.

On top of that, Patrick Tomasso, Unsplash’s most-followed photographer also tweeted about this issue. He said:

Mac Mini, I love you.. but you’re bringing me down. I’m going crazy trying to figure out the Bluetooth issues with this machine. I thought maybe a few of us had an isolated issue but forums/reddit are popping up now all over.

Let’s talk about it.

Patrick also posted a video showing all of the devices he tried but still got the same issues. You can check the video here

What Are The Causes?

Unfortunately, there is currently no exact explanation for these problems. Some users believe that these issues are related to the M1 Mac Mini hardware. Others doubt that there’s something wrong with macOS Big Sur. However, some long-time Mac users said that they have faced similar Bluetooth issues with the old Intel Mac models as well.

How to Deal With Bluetooth Issues On M1 Mac Mini

Apple is still unaware of the bug that prevents the Bluetooth connection from working properly. Therefore, there is no words on a fix coming to affected users.

Although there’s no proper method to fix these issues yet, there are some simple ways you can try :

Restart both your Mac Mini and Bluetooth Devices

Some users said that restarting the computer and Bluetooth devices seems to fix this problem temporarily. To restart your Mac, click the Apple menu and then select Restart. For your Bluetooth devices, power them off, wait a few seconds, and turn them back on.

Reset The Bluetooth Module

  • Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth and select “Show Bluetooth in menu bar.
  • Press and hold the Shift + Option buttons.
  • While you press the keys, click the Bluetooth icon in the top-right corner of the macOS Catalina/ Big Sur menu bar.
  • A new menu will appear.
  • Click Debug.
  • Click Reset the Bluetooth module.
  • And now restart your Mac to see if it works for you.

Use An Unifying Receiver

If you are having a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, you should consider using the unifying receiver instead of a Bluetooth connection. A lot of users said that this method helps them get a consistent connection with their devices.

And that is what we’ve known so far about the new M1 Mac Mini Bluetooth issues. We will continue to update if there are any new fixes. So make sure you follow us and leave a comment if you are experiencing the issues.

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