Leather Mouse Pad for Apple Magic Mouse – Will It Work Better?

You own an Apple Magic Mouse and might be wondering if a leather mouse pad could really make a difference in your work flow. After all, most of the mouse pads on the market are made from cloth or other synthetic materials. But there are some reasons why leather might be a good choice for your next mouse pad.

For one, leather is durable and long lasting. It won’t wear out as quickly as some of the other materials available, so you can count on it to last for awhile. Additionally, leather is a natural material that is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t release any harmful chemicals like some of the synthetic materials do, so it’s better for both you and the planet.

That’s why I tested two leather mouse pad products for the last two weeks, using them with my Apple Magic Mouse.

Tested: Harber London Leather Mouse Mat & Desk Mat

I tried two products from Harber London, since they had a wide variety of colors to choose from and a great track record in customer service.

The two best leather mouse pads to use come in the full-grain leather variety. Full-grain leather holds up strong because it comes in full cowhide thickness. You may never have to replace it, and you can provide care for it to minimize wear and tear.

It also has a “built-in” finish of its own even before treating it, and it retains its natural appearance as originally made. That makes each mousepad created with it unique.

Tested: With Apple Magic Mouse

Using an Apple Magic Mouse on a Harber London mouse pad not only feels smooth but also looks great. The mouse tracks well on the surface and there is no noise produced from the mouse when sliding it back and forth.

I’ve used it with day-to-day tasks such as browsing the internet, image editing, and even a little bit of gaming. I never had any problems with the mouse pad not working well with the mouse.

Alternative: A Leather Desk Mat

(Which Can Be Used As A Mouse Pad)

Alternatively, a desk mat with an area to operate a computer mouse can be a great option too. The product I tested is the Harber London desk mat with felt padding “XL” size, which can be used with apple keyboard and magic mouse. The felt padding works as a cushion to the typing on the keyboard, which makes typing even more comfortable.

The Harber London desk mat I’ve tried has a cut through hole for cables. Even if I’m not using it I think it’s a great feature, as it stops the desk mat from looking too cluttered and keeps everything organised.

The leather on the top is luxurious and soft to touch. It would look great in any office or home workspace.


Overall, leather mouse pads are a great choice for your next mouse pad. They’re environmentally friendly, durable, and work well with the Apple Magic Mouse. The products I tested from Harber London make great leather mouse pads, and I highly recommend them so why don’t you visit their website and check out their range?


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