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Apple regularly releases brand-new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook models each year. After the release of the iPhone 12, we may also get the new MacBook Pro. Apple might have accidentally unveiled its new MacBook Pro model in the release notes of Boot Camp. It identifies a device called MacBook Pro 2020 which will have a 16-inch display.


Apple will likely stick with an Intel processor for the new MacBook Pro, just like earlier models. At CES, Intel announced the development of the 10th gen mobile processor, which will outperform high-end 5GHz chips used by the current MacBook Pro 16-inch. The new chip will be a part of the Core i7 H-series. Its standard clock will be around 2GHz but could reach 4 – 5GHz in boost mode. With 45W TDP, the chip should be fairly efficient, especially if we consider the amount of performance offered.


The upcoming MacBook Pro will have a keyboard with a scissor-switch mechanism. The current MacBook Pro keyboard has about 0.7mm travel and the new mechanism should have 1mm travel. The new design should also ensure a quieter typing experience. We should get excellent stability and the keyboard will be affected less by debris. The popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that the new MacBook Pro will have a new keyboard, followed later by the smaller MacBook Pro 13-inch. Apple’s patent filing document indicated the use of True Tone for keyboard backlighting. Depending on the room’s light intensity and temperature, the tones and brightness will be adjusted automatically.

5G Connectivity

Next year, 5G technology will become much more mature and widespread. New 5G-capable devices will be released and 5G network infrastructure will be available in many more areas. A report in August suggested that the upcoming MacBook Pro will have 5G modems. However, aluminum and plastic can easily block the high-band mmWave. If Apple decides to incorporate 5G technology into the new MacBook Pro, we could see some design changes.  


Apple is planning to reduce its reliance on Samsung’s OLED display by investing in various display technology. Mini LED can be used on future displays, including for the upcoming MacBook Pro. It uses miniature LEDs to create individual pixels. Because Mini LED is self-illuminating, it offers multiple benefits compared to OLED technology, such as better contrast and reduced risk for burn-in.

Release Date

The Boot Camp documentation, regardless of whether it is accidental or not, may point to the eventual arrival of the MacBook Pro 2020 with a 16-inch display. There is mounting evidence that on 17 November, there’s will be Apple’s final event in 2020. If it’s true that Apple is planning to release the new MacBook Pro, it’s the likeliest release date. It is important to note that there’s a rumor that the MacBook Pro 2020 will use an ARM processor, instead of an Intel CPU. According to Apple, the ARM Macs will be released in the latter months of 2020. We also don’t know whether the new MacBook Pro 13-inch will be released at the same event.


MacBook Pro series offers us premium laptops. Although they are not as expensive as the fastest Windows-based gaming laptops, MacBook Pro is still fairly expensive for most laptop users. We could expect that the refreshed 16-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro models will be priced similarly to the current model. Despite the changes in technology used, it is a good thing that Apple continues to implement the same pricing scheme. However, if the new MacBook Pro includes 5G connectivity and Micro LED display, they will contribute to a higher price. The current version of MacBook Pro 16-inch is currently available for $2,399, while the MacBook Pro 13-inch is priced starting from $1,299.  

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