Is the 2018 iPad Pro Still Worth it?

With the March Event around the corner, the new iPad Pro is about to be revealed. This makes us ask the question; is the 2018 iPad Pro still worth it? Well, there are several things to consider. The design, the software and even whether it’s still compatible with most things in the Apple world.

The Software

At the release of the 2018 iPad Pro, there were a few issues that made the iPad Pro seem somewhat underwhelming. However as time has gone on, there has been a lot of focus on iPads from Apple including some huge improvements. One of the biggest improvements was the iPadOS. This was a big boost for all the iPads especially for the iPad Pro.

We wrote a whole article about iPadOS, which goes into great detail about all of the changes that we’ve had since it started out. One of the biggest issues for gamers was the screen resolution. Some top tier games wasn’t using the full potential of the iPad screen. But, thanks to iPadOS, that problem has now been resolved.

The Design

If you look at the long line of obsolete iPhones, and even some still in circulation. You may notice that the designs stand out and look a bit outdated (I mean, who uses headphone jacks anymore?). But actually, if you look at the design of the 2018 iPad Pro, you’ll see that there are a lot of features that will make it stay modern for quite a while.

First off, the bezels all the way around are the same. This is thanks to the removal of the home button, a feat that Steve Jobs would’ve been hugely proud of after saying that a mouse should only have one button. On top of that, there is a USB-C port which was awkward when it was originally released but has proven to be a useful improvement to the Lightning port that we’d become familiar with.

As the USB-C port is new for Apple devices and getting some recent new features from iPadOS, its fair to say that this will stick around for a while on Apple devices. There is also the magnetic strip that can be used to connect and charge your Apple Pencil 2. At the moment, the 2018 iPad Pro is the only model to support the Apple Pencil 2.

The Verdict

The new iPad Pro will of course be an improvement from the 2018 iPad Pro. However that doesn’t mean that the 2018 iPad Pro is obsolete just yet. Some other articles are even commenting on the 2018 iPad Pro as being “future proof”. This is obviously an exaggeration. But, I believe we will still get a good 5 years out of the 2018 iPad Pro before it is fully outdated.

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