5 Reasons Why the iPod Touch is Relevant Again

The iPod Touch was made redundant 4 years ago, and it made perfect sense. Who would still use an iPod Touch in a world filled with iPhones and iPads? But now it’s back, stronger than ever. Let us take you through 5 reasons why it’s relevant again.

1. More Powerful Than Ever

With the A10 Fusion chip, it runs so much better than older models. Thanks to this chip, it has up to two times faster performance compared to its predecessor. Because of this, whatever it is that you’re doing, you’ll have a lot easier time doing it. It can also handle up to three times better graphics for those true gamers out there.

Fusion Chip
The A10 Fusion chip makes gaming a breeze

2. Support for AR Games

Speaking of games, it will also be able to play AR games. The range of AR games available on the App Store is rapidly growing and the quality of most of the games are quite impressive! Being able to use AR on the iPod Touch is really great, allowing you to do what you just never could on the old iPod Touch.

Smash Tanks
Smash Tanks

3. Affordabe Price

It is actually cheaper than the 5th generation iPod Touch when it was released. The new iPod Touch starts from $199, however the 5th generation started at $299 upon release. This makes the new iPod Touch a great price for gifting to someone. Especially if you have kids, but don’t want them to be using an iPhone.

iPod Touch Colors
Available in 6 different colors

4. New Ways to Enjoy Music

With iTunes on it’s way out, we’re now getting Apple Music. With an Apple Music subscription, you’re able to download and stream songs from Apple’s extensive library of over 50 million songs. You’re also able to keep more songs than ever if you go for the 256GB model. If you’re not a fan of Apple Music, don’t worry, you can finally use Spotify as well. Something the old iPod Touch couldn’t do.

Apple Music
Is that a headphone jack i see?

5. Support for Apple Arcade

Yes, Apple Arcade is supported. This makes the new iPod Touch the most compact gaming system available in the Apple arsenal. Apple Arcade is coming out this Fall and already has over 100 new games announced for release. Games available to play on release include Beyond a Steel Sky, Hot Lava, The Pathless and so many more.

Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade can be played on any Apple device

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