iPhoneIMEI.net review! It is working and NOT a scam!

I know that most iPhone users are using Locked iPhone because it’s cheaper than buying a factory unlocked one. But why not factory unlock the iPhone then? A lot of people have been trying to do that but many of them were scammed by some untrusted websites! Losing money – iPhone still locked. Shame to me but I was also be scammed and today I’m going to write this review to help people won’t make mistake just like me. Let’s unlock your iPhone with low price without being scammed. I’m going to share a trusted address to you guys, carefully reading my review if you’re seriously looking for a company helping you to factory unlock your iPhone

I) My situation! I was searching for an iPhone unlocking service

I’ve searched for several other websites that successfully got my iPhone unlocked. But on using it for some days, I faced several issues with my phone. The first and the foremost and the most annoying problem that I faced was the battery drain. The battery on my iPhone 6 lost its potential drastically. Before the unlock, I was getting a battery backup roughly of 26 hours that got decreased to 15 hours. There were frequent connection issues. Also, I wasn’t able to make and receive calls. I was unable to install and update the apps from the app store. Applications with sign-in permissions failed to get signed in. Even I was getting random error messages while using my phone. Sometimes, some weird popups arrived saying ‘Springboard’ is resetting and sometimes something written in ‘Chinese’ appears.

Firmware and Baseband updates also got stopped being received on my phone that not only kept my phone vulnerable but also kept me irritated because of all the error messages. After all this, I got in touch with the website officials to resolve these issues, to which they never took any satisfactory actions, and, later on, I’ve to visit my local Apple service center for its repair. They’ve now repaired my iPhone, and the major loss that I faced was data loss and the money that I paid to the website for the unlock never got refunded to me. Anyways after so many unsuccessful unlocks I kept on searching and one day one of my friends advised me to visit iPhoneIMEI.net

II) I tried iPhoneIMEI.net and it works!

As I’m a person who travels a lot all over the world and, therefore, needed my iPhone unlocked so that I can use any network SIM card on it, I went ahead to do some research on the website: iPhoneIMEI.net

At first, it seemed like another scam websites but when I went through their policies and the service description I thought to give them a chance. And you won’t believe they changed my life!!! They are the BEST official unlock provider for iPhones all over the world. They can unlock any iPhone running on any carrier worldwide. While going through their website’s policies and terms, I got to know about their transparent rules and regulations that built my trust for them. They have a very simple and user-friendly interface so that even a layman can work on it and get my iPhone officially unlocked.

Now, I wanted to go ahead. They asked me to sign up for their service and asked me to choose my iPhone model. After selecting the model, I was asked to go ahead and choose my iPhone carrier. As I live in the USA and I’m on AT&T. I selected Unlock AT&T iPhone service as my carrier. They’ve all the carriers listed on their website for the unlocks. They stated by them in the guidelines; they use IMEI number of the iPhone to perform the unlock that is verified by Apple, that to me made it more trustworthy. They use this IMEI number that they whitelist from the Apple servers so that you can use any other SIM card. After the above steps, I was asked to enter my iPhone’s IMEI number. At first, I had no idea about this number. But iPhoneIMEI.net has a dedicated article about that also. In the steps, they’ve also put how one can get access to your device IMEI number.

All I did was, I went into the Settings and then About section in General and found the IMEI number in my iPhone’s description. Another way that I found very handy was to dial *#06# from my phone dialer. Thank you iPhoneIMEI for this new trick of getting access to my IMEI number.

After just following these two simple steps (in spite of 8-10 irritating steps that I used to fill in on other websites) I was taken directly to the payment page. And you won’t believe that the payment they were asking for this unlock was thrice as low as what I already paid for some other unlocking services earlier. At first, I was surprised but, later on, I proceeded with the payment and voila! I got a reply from their team about the payment confirmation and the estimated time that they will need to process the unlock for my iPhone.

Their email says, that the user is not needed to use any of the complicated devices or computers for the successful application of this unlock. To which my reaction was, WHAT?? Because, it was not the case with other unlock service websites. They always sent me a list of hundreds of steps that I had to perform on my PC. As I’m a noob, I don’t know much about computers, so it was the most annoying part of getting my iPhone unlocked. But this wasn’t the case with iPhoneIMEI. In their instructions email, they clearly say, all I’ve to do is to connect my iPhone to a Wi-Fi network the unlock will be delivered over the air. So after waiting for almost 48 hours, I got another email from them stating that my iPhone is now officially unlocked.

After getting the email, I thought of testing whether it is unlocked or not. I then placed another network SIM card that was of Verizon USA and continued using my phone. You won’t believe, my iPhone was getting reception from my Verizon SIM card. I was so happy that day; now I won’t face problems while changing carriers when I travel abroad. Even the signal and call quality were flawless. After using my iPhone for another 7-8 days on full testing, everything was working fine. Battery backup was the same that I was getting before getting my iPhone unlocked. Even the iOS updates along with apps updates were working flawlessly. Recently I got a notification for the iOS 9.1 now my iPhone is running on the latest baseband and iOS 9.1 and still, my iPhone is in the unlocked state. Previously when I got it unlocked from some other website, my iPhone got relocked after getting iOS updates.

III)iPhoneIMEI.net should be trusted?

They should be absolutely trusted because their review score on TrustPilot and Google (Most popular online website review network – Verified by Google) is 9.4/10

And here are some reasons why you should trust and use their unlocking service for your iPhone

  1. iPhoneIMEI has several professional technicians who work for the benefits of their customers; they are always available for providing their customers with the best assistance possible. They even have a 100% refund policy according to which you are eligible to get a 100% return of your unlock fees if your device gets re-locked again.
  2. iPhoneIMEI doesn’t install any of the spam and scam applications to my iPhone. There are certain unlocks that are dependent on jailbreak methods which not only makes your iPhone vulnerable to security threats but also keeps your device freezing more often. On the other hand, iPhoneIMEI delivers only the official iPhone unlock that is verified and certified by Apple.inc.
  3. Unlike others, iPhoneIMEI.net uses a very simple payment method that is via PayPal, which is not only safe for the customers but also makes you eligible to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied from their unlock. And yes, because it is a faster way of payment too.
  4. iPhoneIMEI.net covers all of their customers with a lifetime warranty on their unlocks. That makes us all eligible for getting a full repair if anyhow or by any means our iPhone gets re-locked. Though this had been seen on very negligible occasions because their unlocks are pretty flawless. You can read reviews from several other customers and their stories within the website and all over the internet. For me, iPhoneIMEI was a life saver. I always recommend iPhone users to get their iPhone unlocked from this website so that like me they also can enjoy the benefits of unlocking their iPhones.
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