The most common iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max problems and how to fix them

At this year’s September event, Apple unveiled three new iPhones after relentless rumors and leaks. In reality, this year’s iPhones are not a significant change over their predecessors, but there are still a number of new things beneath the surface. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS act as the successors to the last year’s pricey iPhone X, but both devices come with slight design changes while adding a slew of improvements under the hood.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been out there for a couple of weeks, while the iPhone XR are not ready until late October. Like any new iPhone release, the XS and XS Max have their own issues that may impact negatively your experience. In reality, a lot of iPhone owners have reported that they are facing a lot of problems with Apple’s new iPhone models ranging from issues with connectivity to poor battery life.

If you are struggling to deal with the above-mentioned issues, then we are here to help. In the section below, we have created a list of the most common iPhone XS and XS Max issues and show you how to fix them. Before proceeding, make sure you now have the latest version of iOS on your device. Apple has begun rolling out iOS 12 to compatible devices. iOS 12 brings in a barrage of new features and changes like screen time, grouped notifications, new Animoji or Measure app.

  1. Wi-Fi problems

A lot of iPhone owners have reported that their iOS device fails to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In reality, Wi-Fi problems are pretty common when it comes to iOS devices as they emerge every time Apple releases a new software update, and there is no exception to iOS 12. The best shot to deal with the issues is to perform a hard reset.

iPhone XS

However, the method used to hard reset your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max is different from past iPhone models. To do this, press and release the Volume Up button. After that, press and release the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo. Keep in mind that a hard reset helps you fix some major issues with your iPhone like app crashes or unresponsive touchscreen. In this case, it may get your Wi-Fi working again. If the problem still persists, try resetting your network settings.

To do this, open the Settings app on your device, then tap on General, and select Reset. Now just simply select Reset Network Settings to start resetting your network settings (the process might take several minutes). Following this method, your current network settings will go back to their default settings, meaning that you need to set up the whole thing from scratch. If nothing works for you, then we recommend you restart your router to see if the problem is fixed. Once your router finishes booting up, then try connecting your iPhone again. If the problem is still present, make sure you read on to find out more.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity problems

Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature Bluetooth 5.0 at launch. For some background, Bluetooth 5.0 has been out there for months, adding various improvements to the technology. Specifically, Bluetooth 5.0 offers the much-improved speed and range, making your experience less painful.

However, everything has its downsides. In this case, a lot of iPhone owners have reported that they connect their iPhone to Bluetooth devices. If you stumble upon the same problem, then try turning off Bluetooth and then turn it back on. To do this, launch the Settings app from your home screen, then select Bluetooth and turn it off. After that, wait for a few seconds and toggle on the switch.

iPhone XS

If the problem still persists, download the latest iOS software update. Specifically, Apple has started rolling out iOS 12.0.1 to compatible devices in an attempt to improve the performance and fix bugs. To update your device, open the Settings app from your home screen, then hit General and select Software Update. Now, just simply install any updates available. According to the latest reports, the iOS 12.0.1 includes the fix for a bug that causes Bluetooth to malfunction.

  1. Battery running out quickly

Apple has been busy improving battery life on its iPhone models for years. However, it seems that the company still has a lot of work to do. Earlier this year, the Cupertino firm confirmed that it was deliberately slowing down older iPhones due to aging batteries. In iOS 12, Apple introduced Battery Health, a handy feature that shows your battery usage breakdown.

iPhone XS

However, a lot of iPhone owners are still complaining that battery is running out quickly on their XS and XS Max. If you are among those who are affected by the issue, then we are here to help. The first solution is to find out which apps are draining your battery. To do this, open Settings on your device, then select Battery and you should find a list of all apps that are using your device’s power. Find out the culprit and shut it down. Besides, you may consider turning off Background App Refresh. To do this, launch the Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Once you are done, check if the problem is fixed. If nothing changes, then restore your device as new. However, we recommend you back up your device using iTunes or iCloud.

These are three common iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max problems you need to know about. Hopefully, our solutions work best for you. If you have got any issues during the process, let us know in the comments below.

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