iPhone X Plus: Everything we know so far

The iPhone X has been in the hands of community for four months only, but we have started to hear a lot of rumors regarding Apple’s next iPhone models, hinting at the impressive features and a new design. Sources say that Apple will unveil two iPhone models this year, including iPhone 11 and iPhone X Plus. This goes against previous rumors claiming that Apple might release a cheaper iPhone this year.

Tech experts say that this year’s iPhone models will come with amazing features that set it apart from other competitors on the market. The rumored iPhone X Plus is expected to feature a new display technology, faster processor and much-improved AR tech. Sources say that the X Plus serve as Apple’s main focus this year to take on the upcoming Note 9 which is set for August release.

In this article, we are going to give you a sneak preview of what’s coming in this year’s iPhone models. For some background, the iPhone X has seen a strong growth in sales since the launch day. Some reports say that the iPhone X was the hottest item during the holiday shopping season, with millions of units sold in the US.

  1. Release date

There is no word on when Apple will announce new iPhone models. However, tech experts say that the Cupertino company will unveil two new iPhone models at its annual September event. Sources say that the premium iPhone X Plus will hit stores two weeks after launch, mainly thanks to Apple’s endless efforts to boost component production.

Last year, Apple pushed back the launch of the X to November due to supply issues. The Cupertino company has been trying to open up more production facilities worldwide to meet consumer demand for iPhones.

  1. iPhone 11

Sources say that Apple will skip the iPhone 9 and go straight to the iPhone 11 this year. Apple’s move aims to launch an iPhone that replaces the current iPhone X on the market. According to tech watchers, the rumored iPhone 11 might take some design hints from this year’s iPhone X, with curved display and all-glass body. However, Apple will upgrade the hardware and introduce new features and techs, like improved AR, better Siri, and dual-camera setup.

  1. A bigger iPhone

Apple iPhone is getting bigger over years. Last year, Apple announced the iPhone X with 5.8 inch OLED display, making it the first iPhone to feature flexible panel. Rumors say that Apple might launch a 6.5 inch iPhone this year, making it the biggest iPhone ever made. Besides, the rumored 6.5 inch iPhone model might be sold alongside a 6.1 inch model. This means that Apple will move away from its tradition 5.5 inch iPhones this year.

  1. An affordable iPhone

Earlier this year, some reports claimed that Apple would release a cheaper iPhone this year. Many found these reports to be somewhat plausible, seeing the fact that iPhone SE topped smartphone sales in emerging markets.

Rumors say that the second generation SE will make its debut this year and target emerging markets like India and Brazil. The Cupertino company might remove some premium features in favor for a lower price tag.

  1. In-display fingerprint scanner

Apple was previously rumored to include an in-display fingerprint scanner in the iPhone X. However, the company gave up on its plan, instead adopting Face ID. This year, the iPhone X Plus might feature a fingerprint scanner that works under the display. However, it seems that Apple needs more time to make sure everything works perfectly.

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