iPhone X hands-on review: The best iPhone ever made

The iPhone X is undoubtedly the best iPhone Apple has ever announced to the public. With the iPhone X, the Cupertino company has removed what we have been accustomed to over a decade to pave the way for a new iPhone lineup with a new design trend and high-end techs.

The new iPhone X’s design and features may not surprise tech watchers who have been keeping tabs on the rumors regarding Apple’s latest iPhone models. However, Apple’s new flagship smartwatch may overwhelm some newcomers who are planning to switch from Android to iOS this year.

This year, Apple finally brings OLED panel and wireless charging to its iPhone lineup. In fact, these features are not new out there, as they have existed on Android for years. However, they still stand out when they hit the iPhone X this year.

With premium components, the iPhone X will arrive in November, two months later than its two brothers, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. You may be wondering if the iPhone X is worth the wait. Don’t worry because we will help you find out in the section below.

  1. Release date and price

The iPhone X will hit retail stores on November 3, two months later than Apple’s usual timeframe. This matches with what we heard in previous rumors and reports which claimed that Apple would push back the release date of the premium iPhone to October or November.

With a premium design and features, the iPhone X ranks among the most expensive smartphones when it launches in November. If you are planning to grab the device SIM-free, you are looking at around at $999 for the basic 64GB model.

Apple will bring the iPhone X to more countries at the end of the year to meet huge demand for the device during the holiday shopping season. According to Apple, pre-orders will go online on October 27 with delivery starting on November 3.

  1. iPhone X screen

This year, Samsung added Infinity Display to its lineup of smartphones, thus offering immersive viewing experience. Apple undoubtedly doesn’t want to get left behind. The screen on the iPhone X may be unfamiliar to many folks who have grown accustomed to the large-bezelled models.

With the iPhone X, Apple has trimmed down the bezels that stretch across the whole front of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to go for an edge-to-edge OLED display. A new display design allows the phone to offer an exception experience ranging from watching videos to playing games.

The iPhone X’s display still sticks with Apple’s notorious Retina technology, but it has been upgraded to offer sharper screen and higher resolution. The iPhone X marks the first iPhone model to feature OLED panel on the market. Apple’s switch to OLED looks promising, as it helps boost OLED adoption among smartphone makers.

  1. Design

A brand new design was something Apple fans were dying for prior to the event. It’s hard to tell that the iPhone X carries a brand new design, but it looks different and feels different. This year, Apple has re-adopted an all-glass back design in all the three new iPhone models. A glass back is not premium, but offers solid hands-on experience.

The iPhone X is one of the best smartphones out there thanks to its stunning design and compelling features. Apple has some daring changes this year in an attempt to help the iPhone X differentiate itself from other models on the market. The iPhone X will be ready on November 3, so let’s wait and see.

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Are you planning to grab the new iPhone X when it launches in November? Let us know in the comments below.

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